Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm using 2011 as a dumping ground for all my low quality posts

I never wrote anything in 2011. But because of the blogger interface it is easier to relegate posts by changing their dates. I'm aware that the quality of my work can vary. Most of the time rather than deleting low quality posts I will send them here instead. That way fewer broken links are produced. I will also do this with posts that I want to keep off of the main page because of their controversial nature.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Four kinds of information, and the human addiction to lies

Just ranting here.

This should be obvious, but there are roughly four types of information;

Pleasant truths
Offensive lies
Pleasant lies
Offensive truths

Of the first type, nobody cares. People who tell pleasant truths are resented for being excessively obvious. Of the second type, these are mostly projections. Generally when someone tells you an offensive lie they are talking about themselves — either that, or they are just trying to wound you. Of the third type, these lies are everywhere. Pleasant lies appear to be the type of information the vast majority of people like most of the time. They flatter the ego and allow escapism. Of the fourth type, this is the most valuable type of information in existence, and the only stuff really worth saying out loud. Everyone already knows the inoffensive truth, so that is useless. Only the things everyone ought to know — but don't, because they are deluding themselves, matter as a concern for public policy.

Society commands number 3 and forbids number 4.

This situation is rather weird. People go their whole lives without being told necessary truths. Imagine that there is some man who smells bad. I met one of these today. No one is allowed to say to this man, "you are unemployed and homeless because everyone hates your stink," and, "you need to bathe regularly." Yet this is the absolutely crucial piece of information that might allow this fellow to live a semi-normal life.

I have met plenty of people whose lives were deficient in some way because of only one small detail: a man whose breath smells like death and has no girlfriend, a woman who alienates everyone she knows with constant hysteria, another unemployed man who makes people uncomfortable by standing too close to them. Not everyone has self-awareness, and we are too indifferent to care. The whole world is in desperate need of some honest feedback.

As for me? I am in desperate need of a pill that will make me stop caring about the truth. I learned to keep my mouth shut years ago, but the silence is killing me. More and more, life equals cognitive dissonance. In a way, becoming a Reactionary was a Godsend: the last thread connecting my opinions to the outside world was severed, converting me into an apolitical person, (on the outside). I am now the least political person in my social group — but only externally. I am "nice," and I hold "progressive values." I could be the shitlib next door and you would never know it. I speak Social Justice fluently. I pass as a normie now. This is wonderful for me. I no longer get bullied for expressing my opinions. Everyone loves the AMK. I am one of the HERD. Baaaaaaa.

Mew like a sheep and wait for the apocalypse.

It took me years to internalize the fact that most humans are cowards and that cowards are unworthy of the truth. I spent over a decade telling people politely, delicately, but always truthfully, what they needed to know to improve their lives. God knows what compelled me do do this. I was hated by everyone publicly, and loved my many privately. But those people who loved and respected me never hesitated to throw me under the bus of ridicule the absolute instant someone else walked into the room. Friends to me in private, enemies before everyone else — and they are all like this — all of you. You are all like this. Even the reactionaries I have met in real life are like this, even amongst themselves to a small degree.

What these people all fail to realize is that the truth teller is doing you a favor. Where is the gratitude? Nowhere to be found. The universe is factually hostile to life. Offensive truths are a barrier to survival and prosperity. The unwillingness of people to embrace them is the source of civilizational decline and collapse. The never ending procrastination of people in dealing with harsh truths is why their societies die, why they immiserate their lives, the lives of their children, why they lose friends. There is a man walking around with a girlfriend now because I told him to freshen his breath. There is a woman who no longer alienates people. There is a reformed slut with a new husband — all because of me, and yet, they all hate the shit out of me. Their lives are markedly better — because of me, and they all, every single one, resent me, want nothing to do with me, and are ashamed to know me. I remind them of their past.

Hence forth all truth in real life will be available only on request.

But it isn't enough for these imbeciles to attack you in real life for doing them a favor — the favor of telling them the truth that makes their lives better. Millennial Woes was doxxed for telling it like it is on the internet. Here is a platform where anyone is free to exit. If you don't like the content you can simply not visit a page. Don't like this blog? No one is making you come here. This is the ultimate system of exit and the door is right up there in "x" of your browser window. The whole internet is built on the fact that anyone can simply leave any website they don't like.

The fact that people will stalk, harass, and dox a man for telling the truth on a channel that no one is required to visit speaks volumes of the human race. To paraphrase Nick Land: humans really are too stupid to live, or perhaps humans are too tyrannical to be worthy of existence. They despise the uncomfortable truths, despise the individual suffering they pay as a penalty for their lies, despise collective suffering, and then object to political systems based on exit. Patchwork offends every normie that learns about it. "You can't leave! That's racist!" And, "no we won't listen to good advice!" You must die with them. We must all die together. No exit, and no voice for the sane. And that is supposed to be "fair," and "equal." Human nature amounts to the commandment that, "you must all be as stupid as the rest of us," and, "we must all die together."

They hate suffering for their own stupidity.
They won't let you cure them of their ignorance.
They hate suffering for the stupidity of others.
You can't leave them to die.
You aren't allowed to rule them.

And yet somehow there is supposed to be a political system in existence that is both free and equal.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poetry Reading

Jordon Peterson is in agony. Agony sells. Agony keeps the customer coming back. Not that Peterson has an agenda to make the customer come back, it's just that that is what people are going to do with his message — come back.

It's the "great triggering" that leads to enlightenment. You have to go through the rage to get to serenity. If you're in hell keep going. Look into the abyss until the abyss looks into you. Stop struggling. Embrace the comical meaninglessness of it all. Just smile and laugh. Do the "royal wave" as you ride past. When death smiles at you? Smile back. Smile with your teeth exposed. It looks meaner that way. Crinkle your lips when you do it. It's not a real smile unless it looks a little threatening.

Meaning versus meaninglessness is a false dichotomy. It is all both profoundly meaningful and meaningless. It is both hilarious and deadly serious. There is both an objective (ultimately unknowable) reality and an internal lived experience. There is noting "objectively true," and yet everyone knows it's true and those who deny it are just lying. People go out of their ways to avoid knowing what they know. As if the will to denial could bend the laws of physics.

Adults make-believe.

Agony is the planned obsolesce of the spiritual world. If you don't get permanent relief then you need to keep showing up and paying money. Money finances growth. Growth gets new recruits. New recruits bring in other new recruits. Ad infinitum. Bad religion sells.

But good religion lasts forever.

Everyone needs a daily medication meditation. Or worship. Or prayer in the direction of Mecca. Or chant. Or walk through the forest. Whatever. So do it. It centers us. It's how you restore your clarity of purpose. Your "meaning." Your serenity. Your tranquility. Whatever.

The great triggering is fun as hell. Watch them writhe in agony and gnash their teeth. In hell there is a shitlord that recites from the Book of Gnon all the evil truths of the universe while chained up liberals with lid locks on their eyes rock back and forth compulsively, and scream "racist!, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic!" They literally shake uncontrollable to death over and over and over. . .

Kek sits in heaven jerking his mighty cock to the endless screams of Shaun King and DeRay in hell being bull whipped to death over and over again by Abraham Lincoln. (Lincoln saw the light after being tortured by Satan and realized he was wrong about the whole slavery thing.)

Gnon sits on his enormous toilet throne secure in the knowledge that the universe is operating exactly according to his fascist law. With every flush of entropy he wipes out entire galaxies of life. Flush. Flush. Flush. . . You may be next. Ha ha ha!

Everything is exactly as it should be. The universe is operating perfectly with clockwork precision. The weak and stupid are dying. The crafty, intelligent, wise, and strong are dominating everything and everyone. Unworthy races are being destroyed. Cucks are watching their wives fuck. The mighty justice of nature marches on forever. Oh victory! Oh justice! Stomp the weak. Burn the cities! Dropkick the baby! Rape the enemy! Conquer them and take their shit! Lizard brain law! Free stuff! Trump, Trump, Trump! Fuck them all to death! Deport them all to Africa! Oh joy! Oh sweet tasty liberal tears! Wipe your ass with the Constitution. Piss on the feminist. Put the niggers back in chains. Farm women like animals. Head scarves for everyone. We will murder Allah as we have murdered God. My will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven. I will give you your daily bread. I will forgive you your sins, or NOT. Bow to me. Worship your king! STICK OUT YOUR TOUNGE! I HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU!

Kiss thy jackboot. You never know where these boots have been. What shit they have stepped in. Might really does make right. We will deadlift our way to eternity and immortal fame. Trump! Trump! Trump!

Trump gets more pussy than them. Deal with it. That's why they hate him. Oh, sweet justice! The joy of schadenfreude permeates the air, filling my nostrils, making me high. I shiver from the thought of vanquishing my enemies. In time. In time. Patience my young apprentice. All in time. It will all come soon enough. The sweet drug of victory will be yours. Just be patient. Smile and wave. I slap my cock on every liberals face to wipe away their tears. Wear a roman helmet for me. Here you go. Defenestrate the Overton Window. Grab em' by the pussy. Trump! Trump! Trump!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Absolutes are unobtainable, morality is a delusion, and hypocrisy is good

Hold your sphincter. This is going to be rude and angry.

Thomas Jefferson owned black people. He owned slaves. He also said, "all men are created equal." What he really meant was, "no royal titles." I wish he would have said that instead. But he couldn't because there are these people called moralfags. And that would be too basic.

Now 20 new corrupt definitions have been created for the word "equality."

Idealists are the cancer of humanity. They truly are evil people. They expect there to be absolute principles in a universe that will use any absolute moral principle to destroy you. The universe is fascist. It says "no life." It says "all life must die because muh second law of thermodynamics." It says, "die scumbag life, DIE!" Everyone who expects absolute moral principles in this universe is just helping death do his work.

All systems will be gamed. All constitutions will be misinterpreted. All kings will become tyrants. All elections will be rigged. All borders will be penetrated. All genes will be hacked. All genders will be tried. All mutations will occur that can occur. All judges will be bought. All absolutes will be used to destroy you.

What works musts constantly adapt to circumstances. Life itself is built on the "unprincipled exception" that Reactionary Future hates so much.

Morality is just some bullshit that some pragmatist invented post hoc to get you to shut the fuck up and accept the system at the time — that WAS working at the time. Democracy once worked. "Muh equality" bullshit once worked. The man in charge needed to get someone the fuck out of the way and invented the morals you now possess. That's right, your deepest, most profound moral code is just some bullshit some pragmatist invented to get you to shut up an hand him the 32 millimeter wrench.

"Hand me that wrench so I can fix shit."

"What moral reason do I have to hand you that wrench?"

"It's your God and it gives you prophecy. Now shut the fuck up and hand me the wrench."

(You hand him the wench).

Now shit works.

Thus, was every moral code in the universe created. So this is what you need to learn. If you put the morals before survival you are doing it wrong. Bad human. Bad. Survival comes before the morals. Not the other way around. It's like Isaac Asimov once said;
"Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right."
He got it. So why can't you? Never put the morals before the horse. Survival is the first precondition of morality. If it dies, it is evil. If it lives, it is at least good enough. That which leads to death, destruction, and failure is automatically evil and wrong. That which leads to life, survival, and prosperity is not automatically right, BUT, it's better than nothing, and it certainly beats insufferable Gnostic moral-faggotry.

There is a certain class of insufferable fag that loves principles to the point of self-destruction; the ancap who says, "non-aggression principle!" You point out that bringing in millions of immigrants pretty much makes the NAP impossible by moving society in a more socialist direction, and he calls you a "wallcuck."

"Equality is my god." — libfag
"I'm litterally shaking." — progfag
"NAP is my god." — anarcho cuckoldist
"muh constitution!" — Conservacuck.

Don't you get it? They were all just inventing post hoc justifications for what worked. Jefferson was a slave owner. These guys thought women and blacks were property. They probably believed in the rule of thumb. They lived in an era when hard drugs were legal, the law was written on marijuana, and you could legally murder a man in a duel. They were more racist that David Duke.

But, "muh founding fathers!"

Fuck your founding fathers. Spit.

Every moral code falls apart on deep enough inspection because in a universe of infinite possible situations you will always find that one, completely obscure, highly improbable situation where the moral code doesn't fucking work. Because they can't always work. Because the universe doesn't tolerate absolutes. Because the universe doesn't fucking care.

"We don't believe in child sacrifice."

Aliens land on Earth.

"Sacrifice a child or we will atom bomb your whole species to extinction."

"But, "muh morals!"


The universe will find a way to fuck you ten times using your own principles.

But, "muh free speech!"

"I'm going to use my free speech to silence you and advocate censorship!"

"Ok. I may not agree with what you say but I will die for your right to say it!"

If you want free speech you had better fucking shoot that commie when he opens his mouth to advocate it's destruction. (disclaimer: I am not advocating violence)

So free speech dies. Pull your head out of your ass. Everything is built on the unprincipled exception. Civilizations don't die because they fail to live up to their ideals. They fail because they fail to correctly, AND HYPOCRITICALLY, change their morals as the situation warrants. They die because endless insufferable moralfags just can't pull their heads out of there asses and shut the fuck up and pass the wrench!

And that happens because they become so successful they forget that the universe is hell bent on fucking you six ways from Sunday, that every weakness will be exploited, every principle used against you, and every absolute compromised. They become fucking delusional morlfag cucks.


So get this.

All that matters is that shit works. Morality is invented to gain compliance. When it stops working moralfags keep the obsolete moral code alive, and corrupt interests use the moral code to attack society. A lack of hardship due to their own past success makes them delusional, and prevents a new code from being generated. Hardship ensues. A new set of pragmatists gain power and restore order. They invent new moral bullshit that works until it doesn't. Rinse and repeat. Cycle of civilization. M'kay?


This is a place for people to say what ever they want in the comments section.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Cutest Little Thing Ever

Ahh. The internet. Without it we could never see things like the things below. Yes, she's a girl. Seems obvious to me. Be nice. Fast forward to 3:10 for the best part.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A new form of entertainment has been birthed

Trolling the left all the way into the White House is now a thing. The Cathedral has created such a serious society of humorless puritans that a massive market for making ordinary liberal people miserable now exists. This is the reality TV of your neighbors feeling sad because "that racist sexist Drumf is not my president!" This is real life performance art in the form of all the people you can't talk back to feeling sad for your entertainment — and this shit sells like hot cakes. These liberals simply do not realize that THEY ARE THE ENTERTAINMENT. Capitalism has converted the Cathedral into a reality TV circus of canned schadenfreude. Now that every human is looking at their phone every 20 seconds, they expect to see entertainment in their every day lives. They turn their neighbors into entertainment, and laugh at their pain. "Trump's a racist!" They scream. Oh, sweet agony of delicious tears. . . Slurp slurp.

Don't you get it? Do they not see it? Every hysterical outburst they make is the market converting their pain into pleasure for those they have censored for decades. Every Trigglypuff and her mother is now a profit machine for the great cishet white supremacist patriarchy. Capitalism has pozzed them hardcore.

Remember, capitalism serves human desires. How much market desire is their for the pain of leftists? Is there a limit to how much of this we can sell? "Pain of libcucks" is now Americas greatest growth industry. This wonderful thing, this new form of entertainment, can elect presidents, cause liberals to burn down their own cities, riot, and freak out hysterically, while millions of Nazis jerk their dicks with smug Pepe smiles on their faces. Oh, the sweet, sweet, joy! Oh ecstasy! Hail Trump! Hail Victory! Lord have mercy He is risen!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I am practicing self-censorship

I am sitting on a massive pile of 133 unpublished articles at this point. Some of these were accidentally published and then reverted to draft form, taking them off the site. I am self-censoring for a number of reasons.

Before I became a reactionary I wrote a series of normie articles. These are back from around 2012 - 2013. They have been taken off the site to maintain consistency. My spelling and grammar were even worse back then, and all of these articles are basic bitch vanilla conservative / libertarian articles. Many are concerned with epistemology and stuff like that.

The second category are articles about making democracy vastly more powerful. Unlike the previous articles that were taken off the site, these were never put on the site to begin with. These articles would massively strengthen the hand of the Cathedral if I ever published them  — assuming the advice was acted upon. Articles like how to non-violently conquer foreign nations and convert them to democracy using financial methods of warfare. Stuff like that. Remember, I wasn't always a reactionary.

The third category is communism. Yes, I designed several types of communism. They are all practical and might work, though these societies would of course be poorer than capitalist ones. I have not published these for both obvious reasons, and because of contempt for helping leftists. I developed "real democracy" which formalizes divided power in every aspect of society. And I developed "voucher communism" which turns the government into a series of competing bureaucracies. I also developed a couple of other variants. This was probably the most acceptable set of ideas I came up with. It also entrenches politics in society. If acted upon, it might be a disaster. Nick Land would hate it.

The fourth category is the fascist articles. A few months ago, while reading a book on the history of Nazism I realized that a manual existed for destroying the Cathedral and bringing about a fascist dictatorship. Stuff got written but never published. I am not sure that I want to live under fascism.

The fifth category are articles that would put forth a plan for achieving exitocracy in our lifetime. Basically, this involved a President starting a series of city states in foreign locations and then using privatization to conquer the United States in an unholy alliance with corporate interests and lobbyists. It was a practical path to exitocracy or patchwork that would use the periphery to conquer the center. It was never published because I am not sure I want to live under corporatocracy, and am afraid someone might take the advice to heart.

The fifth category are biological articles about engineering speciation events. Various species of humans could be engineered for expressly political purposes. It would also probably create a dark age of never ending genocide. It involves messing with the genetics of human sexuality to produce different societies; "hive humans," "bonobo humans," "monogamous humans," They are all radically immoral ideas. Some would actually make it possible for feminists to win.

I have more unpublished than published articles at this point.

The problem is that I am running out of "nice" things to say. All of this stuff is basically accelerationism. Even "Why women can't be trusted with voting, free speech, national budgets, or power" was deleted after this came out. I am paralyzed by my fear of creating real world consequences, my fear of consequences to my person, and may hatred of helping the left in any way.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aphorisms no. 31

Equality and racism are not opposites.

Equality is hatred of those "above" while racism is hatred of those "below." Above and below what? Above and below the person feeling it. Emotions are relative to the experiencer. What the experiencer hates that is beneath her constitutes her xenophobia. What she hates that is above her constitutes her equality. In real life equality is an emotion.

So the hatred of the conservative by the liberal is her xenophobia, of the minority by the conservative his xenophobia, and of whites by minorities their xenophobia.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Outside in Testicle Hole

I have decided to try my hand at writing something crass.

Some things cannot be unseen. And some things cannot be unread. This article is one of those things. Prepare yourself. Sit back and let uncle McKibbin teach you bout' the facts of life.

Oh, and under no circumstance should any human read this, EVER.

Everyone knows about women's magazines. If you look at the covers you will see things like "10 Ways to Please Your Man" and "How to Stimulate His Erogenous Zones," and shit like that. It is an endless parade of drivel that assumes that men are hard to satisfy. They are not. Just shove it in to where ever it is steamy and wet.

It is really women who find it difficult to get off. There is a disgusting medical reason for this and I won't bother sugar coating it at all. It's a lot funnier this way.

When humans are developing in the womb as an embryo they all start out proto-female. Basically, in utero, all embryos are undifferentiated. If the child is destined to become male, the part that would otherwise become a clitoris grows outward and forms a penis, while the part that would would otherwise grow upward to become a uterus reverses direction and grows downward to become a manly pair of manly hairy man balls.

So a ball sack is basically an inside out uterus, and men keep their ovaries on the outside, rather than inside, like chicks.

And that means a penis is basically an oversized clitoris.

And a clitoris is basically just an under-developed penis.

And a vagina and a pair of ovaries are basically an outside in testicle-hole and inside out ball sack.

So when a man fucks a woman he takes his overgrown clitoris and jams it into her outside in testicle-hole.

The man's eggs, (sperm) crawl up the outside in testicle hole into the inside out ball sack, (ovaries).

Say that ten times as fast.

Since the same nerve endings in the ball sack of a male constitute the outside in testicle hole of a woman, penetrating her is about as much fun for her as a man getting his balls rubbed vigorously, and just as painful.

So basically, trying to get a woman off through penetration is like trying to get a man off while rubbing his nuts and ignoring his dick.

This is why every man massively overestimates his sexual prowess, why women want sex less than men, why women's magazines are filled with articles about enhancing pleasure, why tribadism actually works, why most women fake it most of the time, and why men rape more than women. This is also why male dominated societies out-reproduce more equal ones, and why equal societies go extinct. It's why submission to the husband results in longer lasting marriages too. (A less frustrated husband makes for a happier wife).

It's also why you should learn about heterosexual intercrural sex and cunnilingus — if you don't already know.

You do already know, right?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Impossibility of Escaping Force

There is a progressive law: all white female porn stars must fuck black men.

This is supposed to contradict "choice" and all that, but whatever. Technically, coercing any woman to have sex with a man she does not like, even a racist woman, is rape—but whatever. She's white.

Monique at the 7-Eleven is visibly uncomfortable around all white males. Maybe it's indoctrination. Maybe is natural. Ironically, she listens to System of a Down while working. She lives in a small white town.

Why should you care about the rights of a degenerate porn star? Or the discomfort of a black girl who doesn't yet know she's racist?

In perfect libertarian Disney World, everyone respects the non aggression principle. In perfect libertarian world every woman has the right to fuck who she likes—and not fuck who she likes. In perfect libertarian world freedom of association is also freedom from association. And in perfect libertarian world, everyone can discriminate against customers on the basis of race—but won't, because they're greedy rationally self-interested.

But in the real world humans are tribal communist xenophobes and we get quite a bit of "utility" out of being with people who look like us, act like us, talk like us, share our religion and politics—hell we even like people who smell like us.

So it turns out a rationally self-interested person will also be xenophobic, since humans are fucking monkeys—not libertarians.

And yes, I know we aren't technically monkeys. we're primates. And no, the monkey part is not referring to any particular race. It just sound more wonderfully insulting to say it that way—and more "emotionally precise."

So this thing happens where libertarian logic is impossible because human monkey impulses get in the way. Creating a libertarian society is a bit like bushing a massive boulder up a mountain to the very tippy top, not going over the other side, and balancing it there forever.

Every natural human impulse is working against it. And that is what capitalism and the Cathedral are: tippy top machines. They want to balance a system on a tiny point so far from human nature that their destruction is virtually guaranteed. Xenophobic tribal communist, not, egalitarian individualist capitalist, is human nature.

But unlike anti-racism and individualism, capitalism can probably reproduce itself forever—regardless of social cost.

Monday, January 3, 2011

What Happens When Your King Imports Millions of Asians?

In a neocameral state, (as described by Moldbug), the CEO acts to maximize profits.

It should be pointed out that whites are not the most profitable race. Ashkenazi Jews are. Since they have the highest average income, followed by northern Asians, and THEN followed by whites.

Why do you think Moldbug, (half Jewish) favored it?

In terms of manual labor, whites are also not the most profitable race. Blacks are, (when enslaved), due to physical stamina. That is why they were brought to america to begin with--by monarchy no less. It was Kings who first created slavery in the Americas.

All pro-monarchy talk in neoreaction assumes an unreasonable faith that the king will have your ethnic interests in mind. This is because historically kings did not betray their own ethnic populations. But then again, historically, neither did democracies. What changed? Well, modern transportation was invented.

Simply put, mass immigration became possible. You take it for granted that monarchy will defend your ethnic interests, but it hasn't historically. Monarchy brought African slaves to america first before democracy adopted the practice. There is no evidence for faith in kings where immigration is concerned.

Granted, it does not have an incentive to replace its own voters like liberal parties do. But is DOES have an incentive for profit, and that has been enough in the past.

If you get a King you can look forward to being the white house cleaners to you Asian an Jewish overlords.

My plan, exitarianism combines the best aspects of demotism, (as a reserve power), neocameralism, (as the management), and monarchical empire, (as the military union). It has far far stronger immigration controls, even within the nation.

Reconsider your support for pure monarchy please.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Rate of Growth of NRx is Itself Growing

Every week I come across more and more NRx blogs. This is making it increasingly difficult to maintain my Highly Excessive Guide to the Dissident Right, a kind of white pages for NRx.

In the beginning I had to scrounge for NRx links. I added some filler to the list in the form of libertarian links. Now, I can't keep up. This indicates to me that NRx and its affiliates are growing not just in absolute numbers but in rate.

Jan 5th Correction, (I think) the rate is growing.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Moldbug Leads to Jewish Supremacy

It is hubris to think that whites are the racial group with the highest average IQ. They are not. That honor belongs to Ashkenazi Jews. The second highest average IQ belongs to East Asians.

Most of you have probably seen a chart like this at some point in your lives.

Google used to give you an instant answer if you typed in "race and IQ." It would actually tell you the average IQ score of each group; Ashkenazi Jews (113), East Asians (106), Whites (100), etc.

The point is not to go on some long harangue about race and IQ but to simply point out that Moldbug was aware of the issue and even ridiculed notions of cognitive equality by calling it the belief in "human neurological uniformity."

Second, higher IQ people invariably succeed better at capitalism than lower IQ people.

Lastly, Moldbug knew all of this and proposed a form of corporate rule we call neocameralism. Basically, he wanted hypercapitalism and corporate dictatorship.

Just like diversity + proximity = warhuman differences + meritocracy = discrimination. In fact, this simple fact is the reason the left now considers meritocracy to be racist — because it is.

And meritocracy isn't just racist against Latinos and Blacks. Take a second look at the chart above if you are white. Restrain any tendency towards hubris you may have. You are not on top. A 6 point difference in IQ can result in a much larger difference in success. Asians are 10.7% percentage of the population of LA and 40% of the undergrad students at UCLA.

Now it gets even worse because free trade and free immigration will basically sort the entire world into patches based on IQ. And what does Moldbug recommend? Patchwork.

This means that countries that were formally white get taken over by people smarter than whites (in the multi-century long-term), and whites get displaced to the third world, and the third world gets displaced somewhere worse.

Patchwork is a sorting machine that pits all nations against each other. It does not just pit them in a competition for freedom. It also pits them in a competition for a race to the lowest taxes, smallest safety nets, and cheapest labor costs. It's basically hell, or Japan. Work until you die and have no personal life, and not even the social security of Japan.

And who winds up on top? The smartest people who are best at capitalism. And who are they? Can you guess?  What Moldbug is actually proposing here is a kind of globalism taken to its extreme. The "trike" of neoreaction is composed of ethno-nationalism, techno-commercialism, and religious traditionalism. One of these things is not like the other. Dare I say that techno-commercialists (of which I was one until recently), are actually radical globalists. How exactly does free exit differ from free immigration? Hmm?

Moldbug was half Jewish. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. But an agenda that involves mass immigration, displacement of people based on their ability to produce — an agenda that makes every human into a wage slave with no safety net in a globalist patchwork of corporate dictatorship is not something I want any part in. Tech Com Neoreaction perfectly maps to Jewish supremacy as the group with the highest average IQ rises to the top of power under its rules. It would stratify all humans into a global patchwork of countries who perform labor based on their intellectual capability. Since there is no guarantee that lower IQ people will have jobs in the future this is a recipe for making the bottom 95 % of the human race obsolete, and quite a few white people fall into that category.

Moldbug says that revealed preferences should determine politics and not voting. But oh, look here, people already have a revealed preference. They vote with their feet and move to democracies.

I am marching ever further towards the individualist anarchist side of the triangle. Democracy is still less hell than patchwork would be. The only person that would benefit from Moldbugian patchwork is Moldbug.