Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Impossibility of Escaping Force

There is a progressive law: all white female porn stars must fuck black men.

This is supposed to contradict "choice" and all that, but whatever. Technically, coercing any woman to have sex with a man she does not like, even a racist woman, is rape—but whatever. She's white.

Monique at the 7-Eleven is visibly uncomfortable around all white males. Maybe it's indoctrination. Maybe is natural. Ironically, she listens to System of a Down while working. She lives in a small white town.

Why should you care about the rights of a degenerate porn star? Or the discomfort of a black girl who doesn't yet know she's racist?

In perfect libertarian Disney World, everyone respects the non aggression principle. In perfect libertarian world every woman has the right to fuck who she likes—and not fuck who she likes. In perfect libertarian world freedom of association is also freedom from association. And in perfect libertarian world, everyone can discriminate against customers on the basis of race—but won't, because they're greedy rationally self-interested.

But in the real world humans are tribal communist xenophobes and we get quite a bit of "utility" out of being with people who look like us, act like us, talk like us, share our religion and politics—hell we even like people who smell like us.

So it turns out a rationally self-interested person will also be xenophobic, since humans are fucking monkeys—not libertarians.

And yes, I know we aren't technically monkeys. we're primates. And no, the monkey part is not referring to any particular race. It just sound more wonderfully insulting to say it that way—and more "emotionally precise."

So this thing happens where libertarian logic is impossible because human monkey impulses get in the way. Creating a libertarian society is a bit like bushing a massive boulder up a mountain to the very tippy top, not going over the other side, and balancing it there forever.

Every natural human impulse is working against it. And that is what capitalism and the Cathedral are: tippy top machines. They want to balance a system on a tiny point so far from human nature that their destruction is virtually guaranteed. Xenophobic tribal communist, not, egalitarian individualist capitalist, is human nature.

But unlike anti-racism and individualism, capitalism can probably reproduce itself forever—regardless of social cost.

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