Wednesday, January 20, 2016

For the love of Gnon

The universe hates you. You are scummy life and nature wants you dead.  For quadrillions and quadrillions of miles around the Earth is death. Death by radiation exposure. Death by your blood boiling in the vacuum of space. Death by freezing when the sun is blocked by the Earth. Death by baking when it comes up again. All of the universe is murderous to life except this one tiny speck of dirt called Earth.

So right off the bat 99.999 % of the universe hates you, and all other living things.

Now take the Earth itself. We living things, inhabit an area of atmosphere thinner than the peel of an apple relative to the size of the planet. In this tiny, tiny, minuscule little thin peel of air you are allowed to exist. Your habitable zone ranges from a few yards below sea level to about 18,000 feet up. Beyond that humans cannot survive. It is exaggeration to say that you live in a bubble — no. You live on the inner peel of the bubble only.

Within this thin peel of atmosphere 70% of the Earth is covered by water. You cannot really live on the open ocean since you need vegetables to survive. Without modern distillation technology you wouldn't even have fresh water. Salt water worsens your thirst.

So within that tiny thin peel of atmosphere only about 30 % is land. Of course, we can exclude the polar caps, so that knocks off some more space. We may also exclude the larger deserts of the world. Maybe 15% of the space on Earth is really livable.

This has to be pointed out because many of these living beings have become decadent and indifferent to the laws of nature and natures' god (Gnon). There is no law in the universe that requires compassion or equality, nothing that prevents suffering from going on forever except death.

The basic nature of the universe is entropy. Entropy is the movement of energy from an ordered higher state to disordered lower state. Energy always moves down, yet life evolves up. How is this possible? Because life captures energy and uses it temporarily before disposing of it as waste. See this whirl pool image below? This is a metaphor for you.

Except the energy input is not water but food and the output is not water but feces. Energy moves through you so you can perpetuate yourself.

And unlike this whirlpool you are mobile and can reproduce.

This means that it makes no sense to blame capitalism for being unjust. It is not capitalism that is unjust but a hostile universe. Life, that's you, survives in defiance of entropy. People hate capitalism because they cannot see that capitalism only delivers the entropy by parceling it out through money. The more money you have the less entropy. The entropy of the universe was there first and every economic system must "oppress" people with entropy in order to function: at least until we have robot slaves.

Communism was no better. They still had inequality.

Every system must oppress you with entropy to function. The system is handing you your quota of contribution to make to it with the cost of living. Because of the division of labor you are always better off within a system than outside of it. People die in nature on their own. Humans are utterly dependent on modern technology for survival.

It is not capitalism that is unjust but the universe itself.

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