Sunday, April 17, 2016

A controlled opposition is worse than nothing

The mainstream right performs a valuable function for the left. As a controlled opposition, it makes the left's ever increasing tyranny excusable. No monarch would dare impose gay marriage on an unwilling population. Nor would a one-party state like communist China. When commies take over they wind up owning the whole thing, and making them owners of an economy makes them behave responsibly toward their possessions. The level of madness of the politics of America is only made possible by a group of people who fight, and always lose. Even the process of compromise makes the left more radical. If one is to negotiate to a compromise, then he should start out with the most extreme position imaginable. That way, when compromise occurs, the resulting midway point will be what he actually, and secretly, desires. Under a one-party leftist state the people would feel the weight of all oppression acutely, forcing the regime to back off on its more radical ideas. "Compromise" with controlled opposition encourages insanity while one-party ownership suppresses it. Political parties have incentives to behave irrationally while state owners are incentivized to conserve their property and budgets. This is just the logical extension of some of the things Hans Hermann Hoppe has said.

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