Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Incentives Created the Alt Right | Incentives Matter # 1

(1) Teaching everyone to hate whites in universities and promoting the notion that whiteness needs to be deconstructed creates a profound threat to white people. It stimulates their latent urge to self-preservation. This is an incentive.

(2) Bringing in Muslims also stimulates the urge to racial self-preservation. So does ISIS. These form a second incentive.

(3) Affirmative action discriminates against whites and Asians. This forms a third incentive.

(4) The hostility of Black Lives Matter is a fourth.

(5) The riots and hysteria of the various police shooting cases forms a fifth incentive.

(6) Obama's plan to colonize white suburban neighborhoods with hostile minorities form a sixth.

The entire alt right owes its existence to the incentives listed above. Humans obey incentives and the left has incentivized your existence.

In a democracy with redistribution there is an incentive to be a victim. Since ideology is the outcome of power, and since power obeys incentives, the existence of redistribution creates financial and power incentives to dehumanize the targeted group. Remember slavery? The targeted group (blacks) were ruthlessly dehumanized. 

Thus, as redistribution against whites increases so does the need to blame the white race. The sense of victimization RISES as the actual basis for historical grievance falls, because the historical grievance is not what is driving it--the need for justification for predation against whites is. Since white males are the primary target of redistribution the ideology also targets them primarily. 

Ideology is the whore/justification of power. As the abuse of power against whites increases so must the level of hysteria to cover its tracks. Your average minority feels guilty, and your average white liberal not only feels guilty about being white but also destroying america. It is the only explanation that makes sense.

Two sets of incentives are present here and locked into a causal feedback loop: (the left-wing incentive to justify abuse against whites), and (the 6 reactionary incentives listed above).

Possible outcome #1: the alt right will grow. The left will eventually take serious notice. They will conclude they are even more justified in demonizing us. It's growth will feed left-wing hysteria. Left-wing hysteria will feed the alt rights growth even more. 

Possible outcome #2: if it does not stop most people will be closet racists by, say, 2030.

Possible outcome #3: a Trump victory could act as a pressure release valve and prevent this from happening. Though the left will suffer Trump derangement syndrome, just like they suffered Bush derangement syndrome, his main function will be to make leftists adjust their game plan towards less outright anti-white rhetoric while duping the right into thinking they have the possibility of preserving civilization. In the end Trump will probably betray us. 

Possible outcome #4: more whites will leave the Democratic party, especially white males.

For an interesting case of what happens when racial polarization occurs look at this utterly disturbing case study of Brazil.

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