Friday, September 23, 2016

A Brief Note on Adaptive Fiction

In a monarchy everyone believes the King is God's own personal representative on Earth. Or they believe in the mandate of heaven, or whatever, or some other equivalent idea. Or as Moldbug would say in one of his shortest posts;

"It's been a while since I posted anything really controversial and offensive here, and I have a vague sense that there are some new readers who don't know what they've gotten into. Sure, it's still legal to read UR. But unless you take special precautions, you're leaving a trail of HTTP requests that future regimes may have no trouble at all in tracing to you personally. These may well qualify you for a stint in one of the new inpatient sensitivity facilities. Mellow out, as Jello Biafra put it, or you will pay. Try tapping on the wall - I might hear you."
"In any case. Today I thought it'd be fun to talk about democracy. Unless you are 107 years old and a veteran of the Austrian Landwehr, you probably associate democracy with peace, freedom, progress and prosperity. Since I associate democracy with war, tyranny, destruction and poverty, we certainly have something to talk about."
"My guess is that the conventional view of democracy, which I of course grew up with, is what we can call an adaptive fiction. An adaptive fiction is a misperception of reality that, unlike most such misperceptions, manages to outcompete the truth."
"For example, suppose we somehow became convinced that warm beer is refreshing, whereas cold beer is poisonous. Obviously a fiction, and obviously maladaptive in our society. However, if we imagine a hot country ruled by brewers, who control their serfs by paying them only in lager, which being warm leaves them both tipsy and unrefreshed, hence quite incapable of revolt... you get the idea."
"In this brewers' republic, the warm-beer fiction is what Gaetano Mosca called a political formula. (Mosca's philosophy is nicely summarized in James Burnham's The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom, which at $50 for a used pocket-book is positively a bargain, and about as close as you'll get to Oligarchical Collectivism.)"
"A political formula is a belief that makes the ruled accept their rulers. Since the former tend to outnumber the latter, a political formula is, if not absolutely essential, an excellent way to cut down on your security costs. A political formula is adaptive because the rulers have, obviously, both motive and opportunity to promote it."
"The best example of a political formula is divine-right monarchy - simply because this formula is defunct. Hardly anyone these days believes in the divine right of kings. Since at one time, most everyone did, we have incontrovertible proof that adaptive fictions can exist in human societies. Either divine-right monarchy is a fiction, and people then were systematically deluded. Or kings do rule by the grace of God, and people now are systematically deluded."
To all of this we may add a more in depth explanation;

Power is the opposite of equality.

Consider the extreme totalitarian irony of a system of power that demands you embrace and believe in equality, and you will realize that it does so not because it wants equality, but because when imperium in imperio is exercised, power must conceal itself, and thus, forcing you to verbally state your agreement with equality is forcing you to deny the reality of your slavery. The system is so totalitarian that it cannot even allow the population to think the truth. It wants to be inside your head.

The instant some are given the right to vote their is an incentive to attack the opposing party by bring in new voters. Thus, the vote is expanded to all white males, then all males, then all adults, etc., systematically until the nation is bringing in illegal immigrants from hostile lands to vote for one of the two parties. Democracy does this automatically as a consequence of its incentive structure.

In a democracy where only some have the right to vote only some will be considered equal. The rest will be slaves or house wives. The privatization of redistribution (slavery) will provide parasites with what they need, lessening the demand for public administration of redistribution (welfare states).

If a frontier exists the land to be stolen from the Indians will act as a second form of redistribution that lessens demand for a formal bureaucratic welfare state.

In a democracy where everyone has the right to vote, the system will turn into systemic plunder of all against all. a man with integrity in that system is simply a man who is eaten, rather than eating, and libertarians are just bad brokers.

In a democracy with redistribution there is an incentive to believe that everyone is equal, since it conceals the expropriation of attacked populations (whites).

As legislation grows power does also. Legislation grows because Congress is a market for selling other peoples money, because representative democracy can be thought of a form of anarcho capitalism.

As power grows the need for ideology to pervade every aspect of life does also, since ideology is needed to conceal the exercise of power.

As power (a form of inequality) grows, the need to make people goodspeak their love of equality in struggle sessions does also, since equality is not just the denial of genetic reality, but the denial of their own enslavement.

Most people accept equality not because rejecting it is racist, but because rejecting it constitutes admitting they are not free on some subconscious level.

You believe in equality because you are required to. Most people don't think. Most people can't think. Most—if we're honest—probably shouldn't think. It's just likely to make them miserable.

You believe in equality for the same reason you probably believe in God: context. If you are born in the Middle East you are Muslim. If you are born in India you are probably Hindu, and if you are born in America you are most likely Christian. Location matters.

But so does era. If you are born in 1500 A.D. you believe in divine right monarchy. And if you are born in the current year you believe in equality. After all, if you don't we will destroy you.

What you believe is the consequence of the power structure you serve. Humans conform. So do you.

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