Sunday, September 18, 2016

Aphorisms 21

Power is always power over someone. By its nature, it is an unequal relationship. For everyone who wields power, there must be at least one who receives it. It is asymmetrical.

In a democracy where everyone had the right to vote there is an incentive to treat everyone as equals.

Now consider the supreme perversity of a power system that needs equality and you understand democracy.

Consider also the extreme totalitarianism of a power system that needs you to think that you and everyone else is equal.

Monarchy is rejected precisely because it is too honest. It admits the existence of power, and this appeals to the highly intelligent and honest, who cannot escape the realization that slavery to power is inescapable.

But it does not appeal to the less intelligent majority, who value comfortable delusions instead.

Thus, you have a contest between perceptual freedom vs. concrete freedom. That is, between delusion vs. order.

In the era of mass communication, mass-coordination is possible, and demotism inevitable, since the majority, being comprised of the less intelligent, will coordinate in favor of systems that only give them perceived freedom.

Consider the possibility that the problem with democracy is not its demotism, but its unconvincing nature—that the real solution is a more convincing Matrix.

Here's a sick thought; maybe the intelligent need perceptual freedom, (delusion) too.

How do you fool a genus into thinking he's free?

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