Thursday, September 22, 2016

Give Em' Pain

Give people pain over the guilt of their wrong doing—over original sin, and your can make the seek salvation through Christ. Coincidentally, you can also make them place money in the offering plate.

Give people pain in the form of huwhite guilt and you can make them turn against their race and invite millions of heathens into their lands.

Give people pain over inequality and you can make them support a dream that can never be realized. Coincidentally, you can also keep bureaucrats and preachers teachers employed forever. After all, a goal that is impossible to realize is the perfect guarantee of employment. No one can measure your success or ever claim that your job is finished.

Torture women and minorities with dreams of oppression—give them pain, and you can convert the into a reliable voting block for the Democrats. Make females into lonely cat ladies and you can make them bitter. Without children they will suffer, hate the huwhite man and vote the way they are supposed to.

Give people pain is basic training—I mean actual pain, and you can forge solders into disciplined warriors.

Torture people with visions of white genocide and you can motivate them to fight for their own self-preservation—against the ethnic cleansing of their race.

Power is built on pain.

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