Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Let Ordinary Schmucks Build Their Own Smart Contracts | Social Technology no. 2

Imagine a simple software interface for the blockchain that says something like;

if __________ condition occurs then execute __________ rule for party (a), and __________ rule for party (b).

The ordinary individual can then design a blockchain-based smart contract by inserting boolean operators, (IF, AND, OR, THEN), mathematical formulas, (rules) and website addresses, (sources of data) into the format. It works like Microsoft Excel functions, or like wikiscript. The software then generates the code for the smart contract. Thus, any person in the world can design any type of contract in they want. Contract templates are produced and shared, and they proliferate exponentially.

The point in doing this is to make crypto currencies unpoliceable by governments. Since tens of thousands of possible customizable contracts would be generated by the user base, shared autonomously, and implemented without any central authority having a say in the matter, it would make all kinds of radical uses of the blockchain possible, since users would hide in plain sight. They would be a "needle in a haystack." They would make anything possible, including;

ethnomoney, ethnocontracts, and ethnoeconomies.

It would have all types of uses. It could be used to arrange transactions that are patently discriminatory. It could be used to build assassination markets, to sell drugs, bet on political events, gamble, create private economies, pay workers without reporting their ethnicity, evade taxes, starve the Cathedral of funds, bribe Cathedral members, contribute to their enemies, raise capital for private armies, live in all-white neighborhoods without being noticed, and more and even more.

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