Thursday, October 27, 2016

Broken Word II, You are Superman

Continuing where Broken World Syndrome left off and sharing some thoughts I had on twitter we continue our discussion of the implicit beliefs society unconsciously trains into people.

A thing can be described from more than one perspective and we are richer off for the exercise. Many times to say a thing over and over from a hundred different perspectives is the only best way to explore it properly—from emotional, technical, process-based, taxonomic, hereditary, memetic, and historical views. American broken world syndrome is something like that.

What people need to understand is that western culture is built on a habitual pattern of thought, one that indoctrinates you to think you can save the world. This presumes the world is broken. Presumes you can save it. Presumes it needs saving. It appeals to people because it is ego gratifying to think you are awesome enough to play Superman. That's why it sticks in peoples brains. That's why it transmits culturally. That's why it is impossible to kill, and why it has infected you, the reader, and everyone else in this society.

But the trade off is the perpetual misery and hate of believing the world is broken. If you accept the world needs saving, then you accept the implication it is broken, needs fixing, and that YOU, yes YOU, are capable of fixing it. Which is a lie. So the cost is perpetual misery is never ending rage against a world you can never change. It is ego gratifying to save the world, but it is soul destroying when you realize that you are incapable, that is is bigger than you thought it would be, that there is really no end of the problem when you think about it.

So there is a cost and a benefit. Cost = misery and rage at a broken world. "Benefit" = megalomania. To the individual of course. But there is a separate cost / benefit where society is concerned. If the cost is individual misery, the benefit is social progress. After all, this is the culture, (America) that landed a man on the moon, cured polio, abolished slavery, and founded the Republic. Believing the world is broken, perfectible, by us, in real life, is why America is not China, not India, and not even Europe. Other societies have stasis. We don't. Teaching everyone that they are Superman is bound to have some positive results.

And Superman is no longer a white male thing—it is a white female thing, as typified by Hollywood's endless parade of girl power movies.

But if Superman is a photographic positive, then entitlement culture is it's negative. For every positive aspect of this thing there is its shadow—which is defined precisely by what it is not, by it's absence or reversal.

If Superman culture is heroic, entitlement culture is pathetic.
If Superman culture is has a deep pathological guilt, entitlement culture is shameless.
If Superman culture is never good enough entitlement culture never stops blaming.
If Superman culture has moral agency entitlement culture is characterized by abject dependence on the state.
If Superman culture is white, entitlement culture is "diverse."
If Superman culture is mature, entitlement culture is childish.
If Superman culture is characterized by rational discussion, entitlement culture is characterized by emotional tyranny, cry-bulling, and censorship.

If Superman culture is typified by Elon Musk at one extreme, then it is typified by the permanent resentful twisted mouth of Tinashe Coates, which says, with a single expression; "white people are at fault."

Because Superman's culture is to tell you that you are always responsible, always to blame, that you can never be good enough. It is the secular inculcation of Christian guilt at white guilt. Superman is everywhere. Superman is all-capable. It is all Superman's fault. And it is all your fault whitey.

Compare these two images;

If whitey is Superman—giving birth to everything, then Coates is the afterbirth, and he knows it.

But do you have to save the world? And do you have to save them from themselves? Letting people destroy themselves is not the evil that it has been made out to be. Help the white girl yes, but leave Tinashe to his fate. Lay down your burdens white man. Neither a savior nor a hater be. You are not evil because you let these people die. Afterbirth is not your problem. Teach your own people not to self-hate. Cure them of their white guilt. Let the rest drown. It was never a realistic goal anyway.

Save your own race Superman.

Read part I.

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