Monday, October 31, 2016

Mortality is a Knowledge Destroyer

Humans die. We live, oh maybe 70 or 80 years if we're lucky. This means that knowledge dies with us. And that means that knowledge itself is constantly dying. This is knowledge entropy.

Let's face is. You are, just like everyone else, a tard. You are constantly making mistakes, and no one knows how well you fuck up than you do because you probably do a really through job of hiding it. Or at the very least, you don't go around mentioning every way you have fucked up. That would be bad PR.

Just when a man starts to figure out how the universe works, oh at say 70 years of age, he dies. Shit. But that is the way is goes. Mortality is a knowledge destroyer. So we must have some way of cheating entropy—of passing knowledge on to future generations. There are three methods; science, technology, and religion. Let us define them.

Science; the way we pass on technical knowledge about how physical universe works.

Technology; the way we pass on practical application of technique. Technology is applied knowledge that is inherited.

Religion; the way we pass on social technology. Humans can't figure it all out themselves. So they use religion to pass on wisdom about how to configure social relationships to maximize eudaimonia. This is the most important of the three.

And this is why new atheism can be so foolish. It's a three legged stool guys. There is no idiocy greater than aggressive stupidity. Science really can't replace religion in the social technology game. It doesn't have the accretion of 5000 years built into it that faith does. And humans are not really rational. Men like Dawkins think that the entire human race is just like them; classic case of projection. But you really do need commandments, beliefs, injunctions, and appeals to emotion to get people to do what is in their own best interests. I've seen atheists who had, "open marriages." It always ended in disaster. Common sense wasn't enough to get them to be monogamous. Simply telling people; "you're a primate and jealousy is genetic so screwing around will never work," is a remarkably ineffective technique. Most people need the threat of hellfire to behave themselves. And it isn't just knowledge that is destroyed, but wisdom and experience, since the emotion and memory that experience imparts can never be transmitted.

Christianity is so frustrating. It has spawned a thousand heretical communisms. The very notion that all are saved by Christ is egalitarian. And that means that the knowledge preservation engine of western civilization also carries the virus of its subversion.

Indeed, in China, communism is an empty formalism precisely because it has no Christianity to animate it. Political religions do no last on their own. They need to feed vampirically on the energies of the faithful. When communism succeeds in abolishing Christianity, it succeeds in abolishing itself. Faith is like soil preparation. Soil that has already been tilled by one farmer is better for cultivating by the next occupant, and political religion is incapable of breaking in its own soil. It needs someone else to do the primary tilling. It needs Christianity. The Chinese are a fundamentally Confucian and Buddhist people. The soil there doesn't grow liberalism well.

I was not raised on Christianity. I was raised on a much more eastern way of thinking. Concepts like one man dying for the sins of another, consubstantiation, and the like, come across as obscenely barbaric to an eastern mentality. I could never feel Christian guilt, and thus, could never feel white racial guilt. To an outsider, the relationship between Christianity and liberalism is so obvious that any failure to see it makes you seem thickheaded. Whites are racially altruistic because they are Christian. Asians feel no racial guilt, because, like me, they feel no guilt over original sin at all. The later provides the primary tilling for the former.

It has been said that we need a new religion. I see no reason it can't come from the east.

Edited 11/25/2016

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