Sunday, October 16, 2016

Unnecessary Female Employment

Motives of Economists

Well-educated properly trained economists kindly inform us that excessive female university education and competitive professional employment against male peers is absolutely essential to economic growth in all societies everywhere on earth—no exceptions..

This position has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the government is almost solely responsible for employment of all economists everywhere on earth, and all governments in western democracies serve a globalist agenda that wants the cheapest labor everywhere, and all liberal political parties support mass importation of hostile populations to vote against their own native whites—no relation at all.

Oh no. The fact that all well-educated economists everywhere support these exact policies is in no way correlated to their employers interests. And the fact that all Austrian economists who disagree with this position are somehow always unemployed is also entirely coincidental either.

Because somehow all economists everywhere are immune to all incentives all the time, in complete contradiction to all economic theory as understood by those same well-educated properly trained economists.

And these well-educated properly trained kindly economists who have only your best interests at heart, who completely coincidentally support exactly the policies that favor their employers interests, advise you with complete sincerity that if women do not work outside the home the American economy will collapse.

And of course the demographic catastrophe that this will cause can only be solved with the mass importation of hostile populations, because ya know, racism or something, or maybe lower wages.

Half the Truth

If women work in the home rather than outside it, supply will fall and wages will rise.

As a consequence unemployment will rise in industries that require lower cost labor costs.

But this is a one-sided story. What's the other side?

It assumes the US continues to purse job creation through low labor costs. All jobs are not created equal. An increase in a nations labor costs results in a decrease in low-skilled employment. But, without corrupt environmental regulations and unnecessary licensing requirements, it should also result in an increase in highly skilled employment as industries are forced to shift their techniques of craft and service to afford higher cost labor. This is especially true in a nation with a vast oversupply of highly educated and trained workers, assuming all that extra education bought anything other than indoctrination.

Meaning that a nation with overeducated workers will be able to afford to pay them more by shifting to more productive industries. Which means that women could leave the workplace without harming competitiveness. Which means that female "unemployment" is not a problem if voluntary. Which means that the only reason women must work is to depress wages, enrich the elite, suppress birth rates, and have a political justification for importing immigrants future Democrats who will vote globalist.

And America is one such highly trained country because those same globalists have demanded over-education of workers in order to lower their labor costs, keeping women in college during their fertile years to raise globalists profits and saddling these women with enormous debts to guarantee their wage slavery and contempt towards free markets, and thus, their leftist voting habits.

And of course they pay for their own indoctrination so the Democrats don't have to.

But shifting to more productive industries would involve reducing the rent-seeking corruption that keeps the trust fund children of global liberal elites employed in bogus parasitical make-work jobs virtue signaling their superiority to the great unwashed masses in poetry readings, hug fests, NPR specials, and on therapy couches. They are special, and you must respect their safe space. Because even parasites need to feel good about themselves.


Even more cynicism.

You must be educated goy. It's the current year. WE WHO ARE SUPERIOR TO YOU, (and contribute nothing), will help you see the wisdom of sustainability, hybrid cars, recycling, and everything else that keeps us employed at your expense.

DON'T BE RACIST GOY. Embrace diversity. We care about your world. We're not monsters. Experiment with your sexuality. Get a few masters degrees. Have no white children. Commit adultery—with a black man. Share your wife goy. Relax and smoke pot. Go on welfare. Get a dog instead of a child. Fuck Muslim men. Get a few diseases. Watch interracial cuck porn. Become a lesbian. It's not white genocide if you are destroyed, just deconstructing whiteness. Decolonize science. Become aware of your privilege.

x is too white.
solve for x.


x has power we don't control.
destroy x.

And all of this is in no way motivated purely by money, and our obsession with equality is not about the joy of degrading you, or the quest to lower everyone to the same abject slavery, no, it's about educating you in your privilege goy.

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