Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Someone in NRx predicted the destruction of the alt-right

This is relevant given recent events.
"1: Remember months ago I mentioned that the alt right and 8chan and the like were
pawns to be sacrified?
2: Yes.
1: The time has come
2: I'm listening.
1: 8ch has been going after Correct The Record. They've also been scouring Soros
and the DNC leaks and Hillary leaks.
2: Tight.
1: I've been assisting with major efforts on the CTR campaign
2: lol. of course you have.
1: Primarily honeypot setups
2: For what side?.
1: My side of course
2: ROFL. go on.
1: Now that the GamerGate logs have been released, the evidence is mounting up
that the Clinton Foundation, with Soros, has been staging multiple false flag
culture events.
2: Tight.
1: Sort of an endless stream of them. Because of our efforts with CTR, Mrs.
Clinton went on television last night and denounced the alt-right, 8chan,
Brietbart. Those are the facts thus far.
2: Yeah, I saw that.
1: We now have to talk about the meta. I've told you about Huntington, yes?
Samuel P. Huntington?
2: Remind me again real quick.
1: Marx says all conflict stems from the poor vs. the rich. Huntingon says all
conflict stems from people getting buttblasted and bringing in friends to help
2: Yes, ok."
 There is more of it here.

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