Friday, November 4, 2016

The Method of this Blog

The Method of this Blog

This blog is values agnostic where democracy is concerned. All political systems are viewed as evil and incompetent. The nature of that evil and level of its incompetence simply varies by system. All political systems are viewed as machines that do a particular set of things based on what type of system you have. System A give you outcome B, system C gives you outcome D, etc. Nothing is neutral, everything has a vector. All systems are corruptible and state growth occurs in secure power system too. All systems die though state growth.

This blog recognizes the terminal impossibility of perfection. It takes a structural view of all matters; nothing perfect can be designed from scratch. Nothing perfect can be designed at all. The method we choose is the same method that Apple uses for an iphone, that IDEO uses for a potato peeler; the process of iteration, where a design is done, then a new design, then yet another design, etc. Though repeated iteration, better and better versions of an idea are developed. But we do this, quite maddeningly to some readers, with politics. And that is why this blog subtitle is "the only power is iteration." Because only through generating multiple future scenarios can you even begin to know how you should take control of the future.

If it seems like I never get to the point it is because I never do. The point isn't the point. The point is the exploration.

We are building a manual here for government, not making points. Get over it. Does a car manual have a point? Does a manual for a VW Bug make an argument? Or goal is to figure out better methods of doing everything. I will contradict myself. I will come up with ways of developing better democracy. Then I may turn around and develop a way to implement monarchy or destroy democracy. Iterate, iterate, iterate. Five hundred techniques of government may be produced here before we are satisfied. It's obsessive, it's drawn out, it's never certain of anything. The process of iteration is where we develop multiple versions of an idea and then compare them to each other. It goes very roughly like this;

Develop an idea.
Critique its side effects is a positive helpful way.
Develop another idea.
Do another critique.
Etc., etc.
After several versions of the idea, or several related ideas, choose the one that is best.

This is how we do it. Actually, I may never do exactly this thing.

Basically, this is an idea machine. Nothing more. I used to call this blog "the strategic event horizon of neoreaction." Not anymore. The NRx label is restricting my though. I am ditching the label for more thought. Classify it however you like.

Edited 11/25/2016

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