Tuesday, December 20, 2016


1st conversation

Liberalism; "white supremacy must be destroyed."

Social Justice Warrior; "western civilization is built on white supremacy."

Conservative; "so you're the reason America is being destroyed!"

Liberalism; "noticing is racist."

Neoreaction; "civilization is good. The only morality is civilization."

Alt-right; "civilization equals white supremacy."

1488; "white supremacy is good."

NRx; "now let's not be hasty."

2nd Conversation

Liberalism; "everyone who isn't liberal is Hitler."

1488; "everyone who isn't liberal should be Hitler."

NRx; "Hitler was left-wing."

Conservatism; "agreed. Let's punch 1488."

NRx; "no punching right."

Conservatism; "but you said that 1488 isn't right-wing!"

NRx; "uh, um, Hitler wasn't absolutist. And you're punching to YOUR right."

Conservatism; "damn. I just want Megyn Kelly to like me."

NRx; "no women."

Alt-lite; "NRx is sexist."

NRx; "and your point?"

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