Saturday, December 10, 2016

Everything is Tribal

Most people are egalitarians — they believe in equality. A tiny few are racial nationalists.

Of the second type, all of them, whether black nationalist, white nationalist, or Zionist, believe in the same thing; a homeland for their particular type of human primate. They all want an ethnic nation where others are excluded.

Now theoretically a pure egalitarian hates all racial nationalists equally and wants them to be quiet, go away, die, or whatever.

So you hate racists and racists hate you, right? One would expect a perfectly rational human being to assess this situation logically and conclude, like I did, that the optimum solution is simply to separate them; "a big nation for you  (egalitarians), and a bunch of small little nations for you guys (various ethnic nationalists)." Or, as I once wrote, "a box for every monkey and every monkey in his box." After all, if these people hate each other then the calm, rational, and intelligent thing to do is have them shake hands like gentleman and agree to live separately. It's logical, like Spock. Just live in separate societies, right?

But this is abhorrent to egalitarians. It's evil. It's racist!


Because they are tribalists too. Everyone is. Tribalism infects everything once you realize you should look for it. From the Trump victory, to the left's foaming at the mouth hatred of him, everything is tribal all the time everywhere. It complicates all straight rational calculations. It is why things like private government and libertarianism aren't working. There are others of course, but this is the major barrier.

Once you realize that humans are xenophobic tribal communist primates you cannot unsee this fact. We despise outsiders and are egalitarian towards insiders. What varies is only who is considered in which category. To the left, all right-wingers are another species unworthy of rights, while all liberals are allies. It does not abolish "othering." It moves it's border so that the right-wing now occupies the place of excluded other that was formally reserved for other races by the right. Perhaps this is justice, but it makes all racists the outcast "race" in a kind of perverse twist. What bothers me about this is not the action of doing it, but the self-deception of believing you aren't.

There is always an outside that a person considers unworthy of life. This is in no way positive. Xenophobia does not manifest as what you think; there is no xenophobic emotion. The feeling is rather a sensation of profound moral superiority. It is emotional, not logical. The individual progressive or racist may never say that the outside is unworthy of rights, but they feel it. This is what is meant by that line from Inglorious Bastards when the character of Lt. Aldo Raine says; the "Nazi ain't got no humanity. They're the foot soldiers of a jew-hating, mass-murdering maniac and they need to be de-stroyed!"

Here we have a thirst to destroy the perceived inferior, except instead of a racist seeking the end of Jews it is the progressive liberal seeking the genocide of racists.

That's irony.

And understand what is happening here. Aldo Raine is really a proxy for Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino is the one speaking, not Brad Pitt. The man is very left-wing and he wrote the script. That move is essentially an exposition of the directors politics.

It is the tribal thirst that makes all these moral disputes matter. It is only tribalism that makes politics so heated. Until this blog, no one on planet Earth outside of a few agorists ever thought that systems of government should be a choice of individual preference. Moldbug wanted patchwork but he imposed neocameralism on everyone. SEK3 saw fit to privatize government but forced everyone to live under libertarian rule. David Friedman makes the same mistake. If I make a socialist live in a libertarian society, have I really obeyed the non aggression principal? I think not. Even communists have a right to a society, and even if it fails.

Few humans have thought to simply give everyone what they want in separate spaces. Segregation is not exitocracy; it imposes violence on the marginalized races. Ethnostates are not exitocracy; they impose racism on lovers of equality. Equality is not exitocracy; equal states force integration on ethno nationalists and violate their own promise of freedom of association. Anarcho capitalists and agorists are not exitocracy; they impose tyrannical capitalism on socialists. Socialism is not exitocracy; they impose on capitalists. Statism is not exitocracy; it imposes violence on anarchists.

"National anarchists," (which I have just now become aware of), are not exitocracy. Everything they do is in service of racism, and exitocracy is not about that. It is both disturbing that so many racially obsessed people support patchwork governments, and also that the idea occurs to so few others. All I want is people to leave each other alone.

The only proper judge of a man or woman is Gnon. If thou conform with natures law then thou art correct — at least correct enough for survival, and survival is all that matters in the end.

Only exitocracy is a truly free society. Only exitocracy uses no force. Only exitocracy truly obeys the non aggression principal.

All other systems are garbage because they impose on others. The one impulse, the only impulse exitarianism does not sate, is the craven genocidal urge to stomp on the perceived morally inferior other.


  1. You know for all ur intelligence its weird to see such a simple mistake. zionist do not require exclusion of others. To lump us in randomly with white and black nationalists is a grave error.

    1. The ethnic cleansing of Palestinians isn't exclusion?


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