Sunday, December 25, 2016

Radical Reform Ideas

Voucherization of Campaign Contributions

Tax all campaign contributions at 80%. Then provide campaign contribution vouchers to "Voucher Holders." These are people who are required to pass a series of exams on the subject of economics. There are about 20 million of them nationwide. Each county is responsible for their training. They are put though both an introduction to microeconomics and macroeconomics course. They must also study the US Constitution.

Turn the Senate into a House of Repeal

Since legislative accumulation is the basis for the leftward movement of society, stopping legislative accumulation is of paramount importance. Convert the Senate into a House of Repeal. This means that it will no longer participate in the process of making laws. Instead, it will only be allowed to repeal them. Repeal does not require the Presidents permission, only a majority vote of the Senate.

Remainder Method + Prediction Market

Laws are now only being made by the House of Representatives. Use the remainder method. Basically, that means that a prediction market is asked a simple question about all proposed legislation. The question is; "what percentage of the population will be helped by this bill at some point in their lives if it is made into law?" The prediction market comes up with, say, the answer "thirty-seven percent." 37 % is subtracted from 100 % to give a remainder of 63 %. That is the minimum percentage necessary to pass the bill and make it into law. Similarly, if only 1% of the population is helped then 99% of the House is required for approval. If only 10% are helped then 90% is required, etc. The minimum for all laws is a 50 % majority.

Party Term Limits

"Any party that occupies more than 200 seats in the House of Representatives for more than 5 years shall not be allowed to occupy more that 100 seats in the subsequent 5 years." So political parties are term limited.

Well-being Market

Tax media news companies every time they profit from a race riot. Hell, tax them at a high rate for everything since they profit from attacking social stability. Then give them a series of derivatives that only pay out a profit when society as a whole is getting better. If a media company is nationwide then its derivatives pay out when the whole country gets better. If its broadcasting covers only a local area then its derivatives pay out only when the local area gets better. "Gets better" is measured statistically; less crime, fewer race riots, etc. Now all media companies have a financial incentive to look after the best interests of their communities. This is the opposite of their prior incentive; to stir up trouble in order to drive up ratings.

Media companies are only liberal because they PROFIT FROM CHAOS. The left is better at delivering chaos that the right. By harmonizing the media's financial incentives with the nation you make it right wing instead of left wing (or at least not right wing.) The media will now have a bias in favor of order. That may not make it exclusively right wing but it will stop it from undermining civilization.

They get to keep their independence and "free speech" but now they are biased in favor of order.

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