Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Three Crazies in a Week, I Must Be Doing Something Right (or Wrong)

The fist one insulted me by insinuating in front of David Friedman that my blog wasn't worth reading. Well then why are you reading it? Lol. Blocked. He won't be reading it anymore.

The second one wrote a screed on "we wuz kangz!" and claimed that white people were literally leprosy. Literally. She then quoted a Bible passage, as if an atheist would care about the Bible.

A third one went on a hyper-deranged 1488 rant about how I must be a fat incel curly haired Jew, how I needed to have my head smashed in by a 2 ton block, etc. How he wished horrible things on me and how if I didn't take down chapter 2 of my "long winded shit post" by the end of the week he would hunt me down and kill me.


This is what you get when you go against human tribalism. Or maybe it's just because I have reached 2 to 400 daily readers, put my blog on Reddit, and promoted to non neoreactionary sources. That's right, going outside NRx has brought psychos to my blog. Sort of shoots to hell any notion that we are the problem and not the normies of the world.

I define normie as NOT having Aspergers, not being an INTJ, or not an INTP. I'm sure all of the people that are screaming at me are crazy and therefore not "normie" in the urban dictionary sense of the word. Urban dictionary defines non normies as mentally ill people.

So how to reach more spergs? I need sperg readers. If you know any send them my way...

PS. I have installed tracking software so I can find people who threaten me and report them to the police.

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