Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aphorisms no. 31

Equality and racism are not opposites.

Equality is hatred of those "above" while racism is hatred of those "below." Above and below what? Above and below the person feeling it. Emotions are relative to the experiencer. What the experiencer hates that is beneath her constitutes her xenophobia. What she hates that is above her constitutes her equality. In real life equality is an emotion.

So the hatred of the conservative by the liberal is her xenophobia, of the minority by the conservative his xenophobia, and of whites by minorities their xenophobia.


  1. Testing the comments section.

  2. If equality == emotion && racism == emotion && xenophobia == emotion then does that mean that "above" and "below" are mere appearances? Each of those relations between conservative, liberal, minorities and whites would not concern a problem of social organization but a sentimental problem, perhaps of emotional maturity. I would say 'In real life equality is also an emotion.'


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