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Cladecoin | Social Technology no. 4

This is part of a series focused on technologies and systems.

We need methods of exit. If humans are equal then no one ethnicity should need redistribution from the others. They then shouldn't miss our money when it's gone. Everyone has the right to freedom from association, and that right trumps everything.

A cladecoin is a very simple concept: ethno-money.

That is, a currency that only a race or ethnicity may own, use, and trade in.

By it's nature is must be completely censorship proof. Any ethno-currency is going to viciously censored and attacked. Designing one is the ultimate test in anarcho capitalism. Even the designers must remain anonymous. If a cladecoin can be built under the noise of the Cathedral then we are truly off the reservation of left-wing control. Here are some ideas on how it would work;

Any group can create an identity-based currency. You need some way of creating a social verifier which does not reveal the personal identity of the user. Perhaps a person takes a selfie with their phone camera. The phone uses facial recognition software to identify the race of the user. Then after the image is taken it is destroyed. Complete destruction is crucial for this to work.

From that point forward the person can use the app on their coin to trade cladecoin. Only people who are verified can use it, and only people who meet ethnic requirements get verified. The process for businesses is the same, but the owner gets verified instead. The whole system is a cryptocurrency inhabiting a blockchain.

An alternate, more secure method, is that you have to be introduced to cladecoin in meatspace and "verified" by the person introducing you. They answer the question; "is this person White or Asian?" (My preferred question). If the answer is "yes," then they get verified. They need a number of people who are themselves verified to say "yes" in order to verify them. It is not a vote. It must be unanimous. Any partial votes are subject to investigation. The people who falsely voted yes get their accounts suspended.

A group of trusted volunteers polices the system.

Next, you need a way of getting money in and out of cladecoin without being stopped. Obviously, every financial institution on the planet will be under pressure not to do business with you. And they will succeed. This means you need a way of getting money in and out of cladecoin that does not interact with the banking system in a way that the banking system can detect. Let's take a cue from money laundering.

One method is to have a series of casinos. When a person wants to buy cladecoin they can buy casino chips. Then the chips can be credited to their cladecoin account by the casino. You give them cash. They apply cladecoin to your account. When you want to redeem they give you casino chips which you can cash out.

Or you can have a gold broker. When a person wants to buy cladecoin they go to the gold broker and ask for the "special gold" or some other special phrase. Then the gold broker sells them cladecoin while invoicing it as a gold sale. You give him cash. He applies it to your account.

All of this means that cladecoin needs to be structured like a physical product that can be handled on the street on a retail level. That means that cladecoins have to be actual coins. But this presents a problem, because a cash-like product can be used by anyone. So how is cladecoin traded then? Using a "cash on phone" method. The broker transfers cash to your phone from his phone. He enters your number and sends a text to your account from the app on his phone. Now you have cladecoin.

So everything is done through black market brokers. It is brokers who actually send the money to cladecoin to purchase coins at the end of the month. They have a kind of electronic double book entry system with the home office. It works like Muslim hawala money transfer. The purchases and redemptions are counted electronically and balanced against each other. At the end of the month the balance is due.

So basically, let's say the broker does $50,000 in sales of cladecoin. This means that customers gave him US dollars for cladecoins. Put he also did $30,000 in redemptions. So he had to pay out the equivalent of $30,000 dollars in cash for people exchanging their cladecoins. So he owes $20,000 to the main office. But that's fine because it's paid for by his customers.

So what can you do with this? Go to ethnicity specific clubs. Defy affirmative action quotas. Move money around. Employ people the Cathedral has made unemployable. Conduct all the wrong sorts of business.

Now some might doubt the ability of an ethno-currency to succeed. I don't. People put their children in "good schools" for a reason. They live in "good neighborhoods" on purpose. If anything, there is a massive premium for this sort of service. The market has already spoken on the issue.


Now all of this may come as shocking and racist to a typical person. Indeed, it may seem sociopathic in its moral indifference even to the reactionary mind. But there is more than one way to view the world, and people can be massively overconfident in their moral righteousness. What appears moral from one perspective can be revoltingly evil from another. The very essence of liberalism is that it is an anti-value system. Keep that in mind. And keep in mind that there has never been a thing that was moral in one era and not immoral in another.

First, let us talk about the ethical impact of ending segregation on the black race in America.

Probably all reactionaries already know, there is a thing in economics called the local multiplier effect. The gist of this idea is that buying from local businesses helps stimulate the local economy more than buying from big box retailers like Walmart.

Second, employment discrimination obviously has a negative effect on the black community. If a black man goes and works for a white man, and then shops in a white owned business, his money will leave the black community. But the white man is unlikely to shop in a black business because of racism and black crime. So once the money leaves the black community it almost never returns. As a result, money tends to flow out of the black community and never back into it. This generates chronic unemployment which raises the level of crime even higher than the genetics of crime would dictate. And since crime is a deterrence to shopping in high crime neighborhoods, it exacerbates itself even further.

So black crime is caused partly by genetics, and partly by discrimination and chronic unemployment.

Now if segregation is imposed (reverse shopping discrimination), then black people are forced to shop in the businesses of their own communities, and this creates a local advantage that counter-balances the discrimination against black people in employment. Since Jim Crow laws barred black people from entering white businesses, it also barred them from taking money out of their own communities and giving that money to white business owners. The point here is that it does not work to have one discrimination and not the other. If you have discrimination in employment but not service, then money flows out of the black community every time a black person shops at white-owned businesses.

White discrimination in employment against blacks + white refusal to serve blacks
reduced employment prospects for blacks +  a local multiplier effect in favor of blacks


White discrimination in employment against blacks + allowing blacks to shop in white-owned businesses
reduced employment prospects for blacks +  financial drainage of the black community

So elimination of service discrimination is an added disaster for the black race on top of discrimination in employment.

This means that ending segregation could have very well destroyed (reduced in size and strength) the black business community in America, and the radical left campaigned to make it happen. It also means that Martin Luther King Jr. was inadvertently campaigning for this destruction. But that is not surprising. King was a communist and I have never met a commie who understood economics. The fact that his actions actually hurt the economic fortunes of his own people would not be surprising at all. When haven't communists been bad for business?

So what is the perfect solution to this? How do you create a local multiplier effect for a race of people without segregation? Well, you give them ethno-money. You give them "black dollars" with an exchange rate fixed to the regular dollar. This sounds comically absurd, like something dreamt up in a "we was kangz!" fantasy. But it would actually work. The local multiplier effect would stimulate employment. Cladecoin could just as easily be designed to have one type of coin for each and every race; afro-coin, white-coin, asia-coin, etc. Again, it sounds laughably absurd. But it is still practical. Combined with a propaganda campaign to get people to spend within their race it could greatly stimulate the local economies of each group. There would be many cladecoins, and transferring between them would be discouraged with a fee.

What this view also shows us is that segregation was not the automatic evil it was made out to be. The theory of comparative advantage tells us that each industry will concentrate in the society that is best at doing that particular thing. But what if some societies, because of genetics, are always better at doing certain things? Then free trade is a guarantee of their subjugation. It means that nations will stratify into intellect versus biopower, and that some countries will always build the expensive electronics while others always cut the sugarcane. It condemns some to permanent underclass status. Remember;

Natural human inequality + meritocracy = discrimination

And so we see the real reason globalism is favored. And that creating successful societies actually requires building up economic walls so that groups that are not the most competitive can survive against hyper-Galt full-automatization subjugation. The local multiplier effect comes with a cost to globalists. In the absence of these types of barriers, money automatically flows from the less productive groups to the more productive ones, from the poorer groups to the richer ones, from higher wage areas to lower wage areas, etc. Everything that the globalist economist favors works for the favor of the globalists corporations that employ them.

In the modern economy the greatest issue is technologically-induced unemployment. This means that the real challenge of the modern system is to deliberately create the inefficiencies that maintain high levels of employment. It means that every employment of a person is generated by a kind of graft, or willful distortion of a perfectly competitive market — that jobs themselves are make-work. And so pure efficiency is not desired. Economic walls are.

Why is this better?

Because it is not as rude. Instead of having dehumanizing signs all over the place that say "no colored people" or "white people must check their privilege" you have some businesses that accept one type of cladecoin and not the other. Everyone is still allowed to shop with regular money whenever they want. But you can find business that accept the cladecoin for the race of your choosing on your phone and then go there instead. This produces a sorting effect. Accepting the coin of a particular clade advertises to that group that they are welcome and to other groups that this space belongs to them. It is a subtle way of saying; "you're in someones house and you should follow their rules." It achieves functional separation with attraction rather than repulsion — with a welcome mat instead of an act of hostility. How do you know you are in the wrong place? You don't. The app on your phone doesn't show other peoples spaces. But you know when you are in the right place.

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  1. This seems like a good concept/// As a man of Indian descent(asian, not aboriginal), where would I(we) fit? I do however think there is no discrimination affecting the black man. I believe it is their culture, their media, and their attitudes toward the rest of us that make them fail in life. They are openly racist towards whites, Chinese, Asians, and even..get this...AFRICAN blacks. They always yell racism, but they have no desire to succeed. I see your reasoning, and I partially agree that keeping their money within their own communities would help. But I doubt much will change


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