Tuesday, January 17, 2017


This is part of a series focused on technologies and systems.

Capitalism is all about turning everything into fungible property. As such, it embodies a value system that regards humans as a means to an end rather than an end in themselves. Basically, the continual trading of goods and money in society encourages a certain way of thinking that relentlessly bleeds over into the realm of the political and the personal. A reactionary political system needs to develop a reactionary form of capitalism so that it is not undermined by external influence. Capitalism in its present form tends to convert the world into one vast fungible strip mall.


A "condition of use" is defined as a legally binding condition that can be placed on a property. Every successive owner of the property must abide by the condition. There are only two types of conditions of use; clan conditional property and ethno-conditional property.

Clan-conditional property is property which can only be traded within a family clan. Only members of the clan may buy or sell it.

Ethno-conditional property is property than can only be traded within a certain ethnicity. Only members of that ethnicity may buy and sell property.

A condition of use can be forfeited by a family clan if every member of the clan, unanimously, agrees to forfeit the condition of use. In which case the property can be sold to someone outside the family clan. If you want to dissolve a clan-based condition of use you appeal to you family clan.

If a piece of property has a condition of use attached to it that specifies that only a particular ethnicity may use that property, then a condition of use can only be dissolved if the elected representatives of that ethnicity, unanimously, agree to dissolve the condition of use.

So if you want to dissolve a condition of use which binds a property to an ethnicity you must appeal to the designated government authority that represents your ethnicity.

The way to obtain a condition of use is to buy it from your local government. Conditions of use are auctioned off each year at the beginning of the year.

Conditions of use can only be attached to to stationary property like land and houses, not cars, motorcycles, boats, etc. A condition of use is basically a type of easement that benefits either a family clan or an ethnicity.

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