Saturday, January 1, 2011

Moldbug Leads to Jewish Supremacy

It is hubris to think that whites are the racial group with the highest average IQ. They are not. That honor belongs to Ashkenazi Jews. The second highest average IQ belongs to East Asians.

Most of you have probably seen a chart like this at some point in your lives.

Google used to give you an instant answer if you typed in "race and IQ." It would actually tell you the average IQ score of each group; Ashkenazi Jews (113), East Asians (106), Whites (100), etc.

The point is not to go on some long harangue about race and IQ but to simply point out that Moldbug was aware of the issue and even ridiculed notions of cognitive equality by calling it the belief in "human neurological uniformity."

Second, higher IQ people invariably succeed better at capitalism than lower IQ people.

Lastly, Moldbug knew all of this and proposed a form of corporate rule we call neocameralism. Basically, he wanted hypercapitalism and corporate dictatorship.

Just like diversity + proximity = warhuman differences + meritocracy = discrimination. In fact, this simple fact is the reason the left now considers meritocracy to be racist — because it is.

And meritocracy isn't just racist against Latinos and Blacks. Take a second look at the chart above if you are white. Restrain any tendency towards hubris you may have. You are not on top. A 6 point difference in IQ can result in a much larger difference in success. Asians are 10.7% percentage of the population of LA and 40% of the undergrad students at UCLA.

Now it gets even worse because free trade and free immigration will basically sort the entire world into patches based on IQ. And what does Moldbug recommend? Patchwork.

This means that countries that were formally white get taken over by people smarter than whites (in the multi-century long-term), and whites get displaced to the third world, and the third world gets displaced somewhere worse.

Patchwork is a sorting machine that pits all nations against each other. It does not just pit them in a competition for freedom. It also pits them in a competition for a race to the lowest taxes, smallest safety nets, and cheapest labor costs. It's basically hell, or Japan. Work until you die and have no personal life, and not even the social security of Japan.

And who winds up on top? The smartest people who are best at capitalism. And who are they? Can you guess?  What Moldbug is actually proposing here is a kind of globalism taken to its extreme. The "trike" of neoreaction is composed of ethno-nationalism, techno-commercialism, and religious traditionalism. One of these things is not like the other. Dare I say that techno-commercialists (of which I was one until recently), are actually radical globalists. How exactly does free exit differ from free immigration? Hmm?

Moldbug was half Jewish. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. But an agenda that involves mass immigration, displacement of people based on their ability to produce — an agenda that makes every human into a wage slave with no safety net in a globalist patchwork of corporate dictatorship is not something I want any part in. Tech Com Neoreaction perfectly maps to Jewish supremacy as the group with the highest average IQ rises to the top of power under its rules. It would stratify all humans into a global patchwork of countries who perform labor based on their intellectual capability. Since there is no guarantee that lower IQ people will have jobs in the future this is a recipe for making the bottom 95 % of the human race obsolete, and quite a few white people fall into that category.

Moldbug says that revealed preferences should determine politics and not voting. But oh, look here, people already have a revealed preference. They vote with their feet and move to democracies.

I am marching ever further towards the individualist anarchist side of the triangle. Democracy is still less hell than patchwork would be. The only person that would benefit from Moldbugian patchwork is Moldbug.

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