Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Outside in Testicle Hole

I have decided to try my hand at writing something crass.

Some things cannot be unseen. And some things cannot be unread. This article is one of those things. Prepare yourself. Sit back and let uncle McKibbin teach you bout' the facts of life.

Oh, and under no circumstance should any human read this, EVER.

Everyone knows about women's magazines. If you look at the covers you will see things like "10 Ways to Please Your Man" and "How to Stimulate His Erogenous Zones," and shit like that. It is an endless parade of drivel that assumes that men are hard to satisfy. They are not. Just shove it in to where ever it is steamy and wet.

It is really women who find it difficult to get off. There is a disgusting medical reason for this and I won't bother sugar coating it at all. It's a lot funnier this way.

When humans are developing in the womb as an embryo they all start out proto-female. Basically, in utero, all embryos are undifferentiated. If the child is destined to become male, the part that would otherwise become a clitoris grows outward and forms a penis, while the part that would would otherwise grow upward to become a uterus reverses direction and grows downward to become a manly pair of manly hairy man balls.

So a ball sack is basically an inside out uterus, and men keep their ovaries on the outside, rather than inside, like chicks.

And that means a penis is basically an oversized clitoris.

And a clitoris is basically just an under-developed penis.

And a vagina and a pair of ovaries are basically an outside in testicle-hole and inside out ball sack.

So when a man fucks a woman he takes his overgrown clitoris and jams it into her outside in testicle-hole.

The man's eggs, (sperm) crawl up the outside in testicle hole into the inside out ball sack, (ovaries).

Say that ten times as fast.

Since the same nerve endings in the ball sack of a male constitute the outside in testicle hole of a woman, penetrating her is about as much fun for her as a man getting his balls rubbed vigorously, and just as painful.

So basically, trying to get a woman off through penetration is like trying to get a man off while rubbing his nuts and ignoring his dick.

This is why every man massively overestimates his sexual prowess, why women want sex less than men, why women's magazines are filled with articles about enhancing pleasure, why tribadism actually works, why most women fake it most of the time, and why men rape more than women. This is also why male dominated societies out-reproduce more equal ones, and why equal societies go extinct. It's why submission to the husband results in longer lasting marriages too. (A less frustrated husband makes for a happier wife).

It's also why you should learn about heterosexual intercrural sex and cunnilingus — if you don't already know.

You do already know, right?

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