Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Conveyor Belt

No enemies to the right is really no enemies ON the right. This concept is misunderstood and it needs to be clarified after the doxing of Mike Enoch.

Maybe the asshole just wanted money? Maybe he is a genuine self-hater? Maybe he suffers from a serious case of false-consciousness? Maybe all of the above?

Who cares.

Back in 2009 Mencius Moldbug used the French term pas d'ennemis a gauche, pas d'amis a droi, which means, no enemies to the left, no friends to the right. He used this term in A gentle introduction to Unqualified Reservations, (part 1). The implication here, never stated, was that the right should adopt the reverse strategy; no enemies to the right, no friends to the left. This is where the idea came from.

The term never actually meant no enemies to the right. It means no enemies ON the right.

Who is on the right? Well, anyone who is assisting society in rejecting equality. That is, anyone on the ALT-RIGHT and the alt-lite who is part of our little CONVEYOR BELT.

What the fuck is the conveyor belt? It's what we are doing.

Think of this whole movement as a giant conveyor belt designed to move society rightward. The target is society itself. Each group; libertarians, the alt-lite, identitarians, alt-right, NRx, and "there are five lights," are part of a system that moves the blue pilled normie cuck rightward through a series of indoctrinations.

This means that guys like Crowder, Cernovich, Milo, Lauren Southern, and Gavin McInnes, are crucial because they introduce the alt-right to a larger audience. And to be perfectly honest, they have more strategic worth than all the Nazis in this place, because the Nazis are embarrassing, and Nazis engage in circular firing squads.

Seen in this light, everyone who did the Hitler salute at the NPI conference deserves the oven. They are a drag on the movement, and an embarrassment to Spencer.

This is about rightward cultural movement for the whole civilization, not about purity.

Will there come a time to shoot the alt-lite?

Yes. Of course. After the entire civilization worships the God Emperor and they have become the new left. After the Overton window has moved so far right that a libertarian looks like a socialist to every man on the street. In other words, after you have achieved total and absolute cultural hegemony and housewives are shooting feminists. After you have already eliminated everybody to the left of them first.

It's a conveyor belt. Who ever assists in moving SOCIETY right, is right. Whoever doesn't is left-wing. Mike Enoch gave the Hitler salute at NPI. He embarrassed the movement. As a result, fewer people will move to the right. Enoch is therefore an entryist.

Paul Joseph Watson counter signals against the alt-right. He does not want to be part of the conveyor belt. He is therefore an entryist.

Anyone who does the Hitler salute is sabotaging the conveyor belt. They are entryists because they are harming our ability to move society to the right.

The chief characteristic of a good member of the conveyor belt is that they do things that move their audience to the right. Duh. (I think I've said this already). Even a feminist like Camille Paglia is part of the belt. People go in to her lectures left-wing and leave right-wing. And those who are to the right of her tend not to find her that appealing anyway. As a result, she has a net rightward effect on the people she interacts with.

So what are some signs that someone is part of the conveyor belt?

Does someone who starts out consuming their content tend to move on to stronger stuff with the passage of time?

Does the content provider quote favorably sources that are more right-wing than themselves?

Do they give traffic to sources that are more right-wing than themselves?

Do they NOT harm rightward drift?

Contrary to what you might think, a content producer who becomes more right-wing is not necessarily a good thing. This is because those low dose red pills are absolutely necessary as the gateway drug to more intense stuff. A content provider who moves to the right may just alienate his audience. And if there are no alt-lite types then there is no one peddling gateway red pills to the left.

It isn't about shooting left. It's about moving people right.

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