Thursday, January 5, 2017

What Immigration is Really About

It's About Latino Slavery

An immigrant worker is not really a free worker. He can be deported at any time. This alters every relationship with his employer to the employers benefit. The boss may decide that he cannot file workers compensation. He may refuse to pay him the full wages he is owed and get away with it. He may refuse bathroom breaks or lunch breaks. He may threaten or sexually harass his employees. And he may get away with all of it because of the threat of deportation. Oh, and the same can be said of the H1B Visa program. By making employment contingent on staying in the country the H1B Visa employee is also a slave laborer. And just like the illegal immigrant, he is one who competes to undermine the wages of native workers. He is a kind of international scab.

All of this slavery is justified using the logic of anti-racism.

If the Republicans had sense they would campaign on a platform of ending slavery.

It's About Class Warfare Against Poor Whites

Bringing in foreign workers is about supply and demand. Anything that increases the supply of workers (women working, illegal immigrants, offshoring of jobs, free trade), is going to decrease the cost of that labor — their wages. Illegal immigration is about lowering the wages of all Americans for the benefit of a global sociopathic elite. It's also not even rational. The wages of one corporation constitutes the income of another. Lowering the wages of workers in one business controlled by the 1% simply lowers the income of the other members of the 1%. And yes, it is sociopathic. A man with billions of dollars who still wants to fuck people even harder cannot be considered a normal human being. He just can't. Libertarian bromides aside. He's just weird.

It's About Votes for the Democrats and Ethnic Displacement

Bringing in illegal immigrants brings in future Democrats. If all of these immigrants were voting for the Republican party instead of the Democrats, the Democrats would be building the wall themselves.

They say poor whites are racist. Lots of things are racist. Identity politics is racist. I don't see them complaining about that. It is about replacing conservative voters who won't vote they way they are supposed to. Poor whites are not the socialists that they are supposed to be. Some of them really are are racist. But the left has never minded racism when it suited their purposes. Just look at the racial attitudes of their own client minorities.

And yes, opposition to immigration is also about white racism. I will admit that. But observe what the logic of anti-racism is enabling. Anti-racism is perversely being used to enable exploitation. As I've said before, there is no real left wing in America.

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