Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Manual for Defeating the Left Already Exists

It's called The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany, and it documents in excruciating detail Hitler's rise to power. It also happens to be a document you can reverse engineer if you want to topple the Cathedral and bring about dictatorship. And it's available on both paperback and audiobook.

I used to wonder why all conservatives are forced to disavow Hitler. I used to wonder why all conservatives are called Hitler. I also used to wonder why liberals considered Nazism to be a right-wing phenomenon. Is it not called the National Socialist Party for a reason? After all, socialism is in the name, right?

This is just a retarded conservative idea. Nazism is obviously right-wing if you read the history on the subject. The German Workers party may have started out with socialist aims but those people were purged by Hitler. And it was the conservatives in the military who cooperated with his coming to power. They were crucial.

Read the book. It is like reading an instruction manual for destroying the left.

And don't give me any crap about the Holocaust. Everything that Hitler did could be done today without murdering Jews. The Holocaust gets a lot of press but was basically incidental to the events of history. There is a lot more to that era of history than mass murder. The obsession of the left with the camps, and the conservative's obsequious and servile pandering to that obsession serves to obscure the strategic political brilliance of what the Third Reich pulled off. After reading this book I am convinced that the left was wise to make the Third Reich all about the Holocaust; it distracts everybody from realizing there is a manual right in front of their eyes for destroying them.

Hitler lost because he always won. He was so amazingly good at getting what he wanted that he became overconfident and started WWII. He made a single error in judgement in a long train of nearly flawless moves, and he only made that mistake because he never accepted feedback from anyone. He never accepted feedback because he never fucked up in any serious way prior to invading Poland.

Again, read the book. Just read it. Do it now.

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