Saturday, January 8, 2011

A new form of entertainment has been birthed

Trolling the left all the way into the White House is now a thing. The Cathedral has created such a serious society of humorless puritans that a massive market for making ordinary liberal people miserable now exists. This is the reality TV of your neighbors feeling sad because "that racist sexist Drumf is not my president!" This is real life performance art in the form of all the people you can't talk back to feeling sad for your entertainment — and this shit sells like hot cakes. These liberals simply do not realize that THEY ARE THE ENTERTAINMENT. Capitalism has converted the Cathedral into a reality TV circus of canned schadenfreude. Now that every human is looking at their phone every 20 seconds, they expect to see entertainment in their every day lives. They turn their neighbors into entertainment, and laugh at their pain. "Trump's a racist!" They scream. Oh, sweet agony of delicious tears. . . Slurp slurp.

Don't you get it? Do they not see it? Every hysterical outburst they make is the market converting their pain into pleasure for those they have censored for decades. Every Trigglypuff and her mother is now a profit machine for the great cishet white supremacist patriarchy. Capitalism has pozzed them hardcore.

Remember, capitalism serves human desires. How much market desire is their for the pain of leftists? Is there a limit to how much of this we can sell? "Pain of libcucks" is now Americas greatest growth industry. This wonderful thing, this new form of entertainment, can elect presidents, cause liberals to burn down their own cities, riot, and freak out hysterically, while millions of Nazis jerk their dicks with smug Pepe smiles on their faces. Oh, the sweet, sweet, joy! Oh ecstasy! Hail Trump! Hail Victory! Lord have mercy He is risen!

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