Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Absolutes are unobtainable, morality is a delusion, and hypocrisy is good

Hold your sphincter. This is going to be rude and angry.

Thomas Jefferson owned black people. He owned slaves. He also said, "all men are created equal." What he really meant was, "no royal titles." I wish he would have said that instead. But he couldn't because there are these people called moralfags. And that would be too basic.

Now 20 new corrupt definitions have been created for the word "equality."

Idealists are the cancer of humanity. They truly are evil people. They expect there to be absolute principles in a universe that will use any absolute moral principle to destroy you. The universe is fascist. It says "no life." It says "all life must die because muh second law of thermodynamics." It says, "die scumbag life, DIE!" Everyone who expects absolute moral principles in this universe is just helping death do his work.

All systems will be gamed. All constitutions will be misinterpreted. All kings will become tyrants. All elections will be rigged. All borders will be penetrated. All genes will be hacked. All genders will be tried. All mutations will occur that can occur. All judges will be bought. All absolutes will be used to destroy you.

What works musts constantly adapt to circumstances. Life itself is built on the "unprincipled exception" that Reactionary Future hates so much.

Morality is just some bullshit that some pragmatist invented post hoc to get you to shut the fuck up and accept the system at the time — that WAS working at the time. Democracy once worked. "Muh equality" bullshit once worked. The man in charge needed to get someone the fuck out of the way and invented the morals you now possess. That's right, your deepest, most profound moral code is just some bullshit some pragmatist invented to get you to shut up an hand him the 32 millimeter wrench.

"Hand me that wrench so I can fix shit."

"What moral reason do I have to hand you that wrench?"

"It's your God and it gives you prophecy. Now shut the fuck up and hand me the wrench."

(You hand him the wench).

Now shit works.

Thus, was every moral code in the universe created. So this is what you need to learn. If you put the morals before survival you are doing it wrong. Bad human. Bad. Survival comes before the morals. Not the other way around. It's like Isaac Asimov once said;
"Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right."
He got it. So why can't you? Never put the morals before the horse. Survival is the first precondition of morality. If it dies, it is evil. If it lives, it is at least good enough. That which leads to death, destruction, and failure is automatically evil and wrong. That which leads to life, survival, and prosperity is not automatically right, BUT, it's better than nothing, and it certainly beats insufferable Gnostic moral-faggotry.

There is a certain class of insufferable fag that loves principles to the point of self-destruction; the ancap who says, "non-aggression principle!" You point out that bringing in millions of immigrants pretty much makes the NAP impossible by moving society in a more socialist direction, and he calls you a "wallcuck."

"Equality is my god." — libfag
"I'm litterally shaking." — progfag
"NAP is my god." — anarcho cuckoldist
"muh constitution!" — Conservacuck.

Don't you get it? They were all just inventing post hoc justifications for what worked. Jefferson was a slave owner. These guys thought women and blacks were property. They probably believed in the rule of thumb. They lived in an era when hard drugs were legal, the law was written on marijuana, and you could legally murder a man in a duel. They were more racist that David Duke.

But, "muh founding fathers!"

Fuck your founding fathers. Spit.

Every moral code falls apart on deep enough inspection because in a universe of infinite possible situations you will always find that one, completely obscure, highly improbable situation where the moral code doesn't fucking work. Because they can't always work. Because the universe doesn't tolerate absolutes. Because the universe doesn't fucking care.

"We don't believe in child sacrifice."

Aliens land on Earth.

"Sacrifice a child or we will atom bomb your whole species to extinction."

"But, "muh morals!"


The universe will find a way to fuck you ten times using your own principles.

But, "muh free speech!"

"I'm going to use my free speech to silence you and advocate censorship!"

"Ok. I may not agree with what you say but I will die for your right to say it!"

If you want free speech you had better fucking shoot that commie when he opens his mouth to advocate it's destruction. (disclaimer: I am not advocating violence)

So free speech dies. Pull your head out of your ass. Everything is built on the unprincipled exception. Civilizations don't die because they fail to live up to their ideals. They fail because they fail to correctly, AND HYPOCRITICALLY, change their morals as the situation warrants. They die because endless insufferable moralfags just can't pull their heads out of there asses and shut the fuck up and pass the wrench!

And that happens because they become so successful they forget that the universe is hell bent on fucking you six ways from Sunday, that every weakness will be exploited, every principle used against you, and every absolute compromised. They become fucking delusional morlfag cucks.


So get this.

All that matters is that shit works. Morality is invented to gain compliance. When it stops working moralfags keep the obsolete moral code alive, and corrupt interests use the moral code to attack society. A lack of hardship due to their own past success makes them delusional, and prevents a new code from being generated. Hardship ensues. A new set of pragmatists gain power and restore order. They invent new moral bullshit that works until it doesn't. Rinse and repeat. Cycle of civilization. M'kay?

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