Saturday, February 25, 2017

Being an outcast is the Cathedral's gift to you

Being outcast alone is a tragedy, but being outcast with others are the only way to form a tribe in the modern world.

Intuitively, you would think that the way to have acceptance is to accept everyone. After all, no one likes to be excluded, right? A warm, loving, high trust community sounds like the complete opposite of an exclusionary elitist one. However, there can be no Interior without an Other. Walls are the basis of all modern communities. This is because we now live in an era of mass human transportation. Anyone can get on a plane, in a car, and cross a border. Before, communities were maintained by the energy requirements of travel. In Marco Polo's time travel was so dangerous and expensive that almost no one could do it. People were simply forced together by the fact that their legs and horses could not carry them very far. The absence of telephones meant that leaving your hometown equaled not seeing your loved ones for years. When you got back these people you grew up with would be strangers. It discouraged a lot of people from traveling, and that was good because long distance relationships tend to disintegrate over time if they are not meticulously maintained with regular phone calls.

Back then the way to have inclusion was simply to include everyone.

The relentless demand by idiots and cognitive misers that we simply accept everyone is the weapon that breaks down all communities in a world of cheep travel. The rich have their communities automatically maintained by the barrier to entry that constitutes high real estate prices. They then get to live in warm, mostly all-white, high trust communities while everyone else is confined to multi-cultural hell's and ghettos. From their perch they snidely look down upon the racists, the rednecks, white trash, and minorities who are not allowed to have the communities they possess and maintain through economic exclusion. The solution is to build some housing projects in Martha's Vineyard. NIMBY-ism is the racism of the powerful. Smash it to make them see the light.

If you can find like-minded reactionaries, being an outcast will become the Cathedral's gift to you. It will allow you to have what they cannot because they are too busy chasing virtue signaling to recognize the cost of atomization. These fools isolate themselves with their tolerance, and their atomization makes them even more hysterical about forcing everyone to tolerate everyone. It is a psychological cycle that feeds on itself. A lack of barriers to entry guarantees social atomization. In response people hysterically demand enforced tolerance — even more of the drug that is atomizing them. And if I can't have a community neither can you! That's racist! You can't exclude me! (Because I have no one, the liberal says). Society chokes on mandatory tolerance. Mandatory tolerance enforces atomization, and mandatory tolerance is the hysterical reaction to atomization.

In the face of anomie and ennui, anti-racism reveals itself as a special class of jealousy. There is a fear that the racist will enjoy greater esprit de corps / brotherhood / fraternity / comity. Their fear is justified. He will. He does. And if that is not proof of how wrong their values are, then I do not know what is.

The reality is that the technology of modern transportation makes it impossible to have a community without some form of exclusion. Technology imposes itself on human beings as an irrevocable change in their circumstances. They either worship it as their new golden calf, or resist.

Social stigma can be the Cathedral's gift to you, but only if you find other reactionaries to associate with. It enforces a border with society. It prevents automatic entryism. The tolerance of everyone is the tolerance of no one. It is a relationship where everyone is fake, and where everyone pretends to have values they don't really agree with, except for that one brain-dead cognitive miser who truly believes it. It is a world where only the stupid have fraternity, and only because they don't realize everyone secretly disagrees with them.

You can use the stigma against the Cathedral to have what they can never: real community. You must first meet other reactionaries.


  1. One might start by opening a diner in the Amazon jungle. Not simple without help. That's where this particular outcast is of genuine worth.

  2. Yes, I'm sort of joking. However, I highly recommend moving from Modernity to other places if only for a short to e to find out firsthand what free societies, for example Bolivia, are like. Learn about personal life in poverty-stricken holes and see that it's better to have to struggle than to be pampered by a soulless state. My book, above, is a narrative of such a time. There's one review, if you scroll down on the amazon page. That will tell you how rich I am!


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