Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ending traffic tickets

This is part of a series focused on technologies and systems.

Sometime in the future all the cars on the road are automated cars. To get away with speeding you jailbreak the software in your car. You install a little program you got on the internet. To use this program you have to deposit a small amount of bitcoin, like 10 or 20 dollars worth. Once you get onto the freeway your car joins a group of other jail-broken cars and accelerates to 120 miles per hour. The cars travel in a school of cars. They rotate continuously so that no one car is always at the front of the line. If the police want to pull you over they will have to pull everyone over. Otherwise they can only nab one of you at a time. Since no one is always out in front going the fastest the person pulled over will be random. Any person pulled over will be compensated by the smart contract you signed as a condition of downloading the software. The small fee you paid goes into a pool that pays for the traffic tickets of people who get pulled over. But with millions of jail broken cars all traveling 30 or 40 miles per hour over the speed limit there is very little risk involved. Indeed, you are "going the speed of traffic," which is a legal excuse for speeding in most states. Now millions of people routinely speed at a 120 miles per hour and get away with it. And it is safe because all the cars are working together to warn each other of hazardous road conditions.

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