Saturday, February 18, 2017

How to be a homo sapien on Earth

Step 1: ruthlessly, or not so ruthlessly, pursue your self-interest at the expense of society, the environment, and others. Don't go out of your way to hurt people, just don't care.

Step 2: lie to yourself compulsively. Believe that you are a moral person. Delude yourself anyway you can.

Step 3: loudly and obnoxiously virtue signal how committed to the current fashionable ape morality you are, whether it be jihad, righteousness, equality, or the god emperor. Just loudly pretend to conform to the ape morals of your society, whatever they are.

Step 4: repeat steps 1 through 3 starting with no 1. forever until the day you die. Lack any sense of self-reflection of how stupid and hypocritical you look.

Obviously liberals are better at doing no. 3 than no. 2 and conservatives are better at no. 2 than no. 3. Politicians excel at all of these points. That's why they're in charge.

Once you accept that higher level reasoning processes are just a post hoc justification for appetites, 2, then it tends to follow that morals are a lie we tell ourselves and others. Right now when other people virtue signal, most people assume that these statements are representative of real behavior or character. We know that revealed preference constantly contradicts people's statements about what they want. This is so much so, that the economic system of communism does not work because surveys cannot be relied upon to accurately determine what goods people need. A whole theory, the economic calculation theory, explains this. Moldbug talks at length about how patchwork is preferable because it is based on the revealed preferences of immigration rather than the virtue signaling of voting. All of NRx is based on this understanding that revealed preference is a better indicator of human choice than virtue signaling.

Why would it be any different for people's morals?

Morality can be conceived — with no loss of predictive power, as a three step process that humans go through again and again to rationalize their actions. Does it actually exist? Prove to me that any humans are actually moral.

It is a pretty strong red pill to accept that equality is nothing but a political formula. Can we finally move on to stronger medicine and accept that morality itself is also unreal? Or is that just too much?

The damning proof that morality is unreal is that all three of these actions constitute the pursuit of self-interest. It is in your interest to lie to yourself compulsively. It is in your interest to virtue signal. And of course, it is in your interest to do what is in your interest.

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