Thursday, February 2, 2017

How to Hijack a Cathedral: The Papal Option

As every reactionary knows, America is ruled by an apparatus known as the Cathedral. This thing, whatever it is, is a pile of left-wing institutions that work together to prevent real democracy, enrich themselves, and control public opinion. It is composed of left-wing institutions of influence such as the media, courts, bureaucracy, and universities, with the universities training them all and acting a a central point of consensus and control.

The Papal Option is exceedingly simple: conquer the Cathedral.

How do you do this?

First Front of Attack
The Universities

Step 1: become President of the United States.
Step 2: set up a private foundation. It has to be private or it will face legal challenges in court.
Step 3: staff the Foundation with fascists and reactionaries.
Step 4: pass a law that all tuition, fees, grants, and money of any kind that a university receives must be handed over to the Foundation every Tuesday. All money is refunded the following Wednesday if the university is compliant with "directives" (private laws) made by the Foundation.
Step 5: pass laws requiring all American universities to get certified by the Foundation in order to keep their funding.
Step 6: pass laws requiring all new college degrees to have a certification from the Foundation.
Step 7: pass laws requiring all tenure for all college professors to get prior approval from the Foundation.
Step 8: pass laws subjecting all universities to audits from the Foundation.
Step 9: pass laws requiring all payroll to be administered by the Foundation.
Step 10: pass laws requiring all curriculum to get prior approval from the Foundation.
Step 11: pass laws requiring all text books to get prior approval from the Foundation.
Step 12: pass laws allowing the Foundation to fire anyone for a hundred different reasons.
Step 13: after at least 15 years of consolidating power, begin changing the curriculum.
Step 14: expect resistance. Invent bullshit "point deer, make horse" ideological tests to ferret out all non-compliant progressives and fire them.
Step 15: create departments for teaching Libertarian thought, Moldbug, Carlyle, etc.
Step 16: eliminate all grievance studies departments.
Step 17: invent bullshit crimes that every progressive can be charged with.
Step 18: prosecute non-compliant liberals for bullshit offences. Prosecute them for real offences too.
Step 20: after about 20 years of patient waiting, begin teaching Human Biodiversity.
Step 21: after about 30 years, make HBD a requirement in all universities.
Step 22: by this time you have been training lawyers for about 15 years. Begin a massive influx of attorneys trained in HBD into the justice system. Appoint them all judges. Promote them rapidly.

While you have been doing this you have been simultaneously assaulting the Cathedral on a second front.

Second Front of Attack 
The Civil Service

Step 1: begin staffing all federal agencies with fascists.
Step 2: promote all fascists rapidly.
Step 3: have fascists hire and promote fascists, target the human resources departments of every federal agency. The hiring manager in each should be the first person replaced. Create a "chain" of hiring where fascists secretly co-ordinate to take over entire departments.

Third Front of Attack
The Military

Step 1: replace as many high ranking military officers with fascists and reactionaries.
Step 2: require the teaching of ultra conservative anti-democratic thought at institutions like West Point, The Air Force Academy, and all military academies.
Step 3: form Moldbug study clubs in both the Officer and Enlisted ranks. Leak info that knowledge of Moldbug is key to promotion.
Step 4: form a parallel ideological command to the military, for the military. Soldiers go to work and study anti-democratic ideology if they want promotion.

Fourth Front of Attack
The Brownshirts

Step 1: form a private version of the SA (Sturmabteilung).
Step 2: beat the living shit out of leftists on a regular basis.
Step 3: break into the houses of left-wing celebrities, judges, billionaires, etc., and liquidate them. Pardon and commute the sentences of the brownshirts. Make it unsafe to be liberal in America.
Step 4: form Venturing Clubs and Boy Scout like organizations for training young men and women in fascism.
Step 5: use the youngsters as a pool to recruit for government service. Recruit the into every aspect of the state. Offer them scholarships.

Fifth Front of Attack
Propaganda, Movies, Music, Celebrity

Step 1: use the office of the presidency to create a massive propaganda agency.
Step 2: make right-wing movies and documentaries.
Step 3: invite right-wing actors and directors to work for you. Create various flavors of right-wing propaganda to accommodate to the public; libertarian, alt-right, and reactionary.
Step 4: set up overseas institutes to further disseminate your ideas. Create an institution that rivals the BBC, CBS, NBS, MSNBC, and Fox combined in size and reach.

AFTER, these five organizations have been created and you have built up a vast base of support consisting of millions of military officers, enlisted men, academics, brownshirts, celebrities, lawyers, judges, directors, conservative movies stars, and even boy scouts, then, and only then, do you consolidate power. ONLY AFTER.

All of this is done from a top down system of control. You start by diverting hundreds of billions of dollars into a private revolutionary organization's bank accounts. To do that you need the Presidency and some key positions is Congress. You wind up with five massive organizations.
One: The Foundation (takes over the universities)
Two: the Civil Service Secret Society (hires and recruits alt-right members)
Three: the Parallel Ideological Command
Four: the Storm Troopers
Five: The "Under Ministry of Truth"

This is all consolidated under the Ministry of Five Lights.

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