Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hysteria and punishment: or the basic nature of the human species

Do anything at all that someone disagrees with and it won't be long before they freak out lean on the trigger. The basic nature of these primates is hysteria and punishment.

Fail to smile at your customer service job?

Get "reprimanded." Get punished.

Express political disagreement?

Get "reeducated." Get punished.

Make a tiny mistake?

Get "fired." Get punished.

Don't have the money?

Get "repossessed / evicted." Get punished.

Drive too fast?

Get a "traffic ticket." Get punished.

Stand around minding your own business?

That's loitering dude. Get punished.

Immediately it should become abundantly clear exactly what is wrong with the human species. Whether you want less regulations or more compassion, a genuine believer in left-wing or right-wing principles basically wants less punishment.

But their side is always co-opted by the moralfags who use morality as a justification to gain power.

All moral arguments are secret pleas for violence or punishment. The moral people are the most thirsty to dominate others. I'll go even further. Dare I say, the more morally obsessed a person is the more like Hitler they are in basic emotional temperament. Hitler was the most morally motivated statesman of the 20th century. Chew on that.

The thirst to punish and the passion for morality are the same thing emotionally. Moral arguments are the conscious articulation of the unconscious emotional thirst. They are two sides of the same coin. There is precious little emotional difference between revenge, retaliation, and justice. Even legally the technical difference is mostly a matter of third-party sanction. Justice is that revenge that law sanctions. Retaliation is that revenge that popular opinion, but not law, sanctions.

There is some truth to the accusation that whites are the most evil race. Whites are the most moral race, and that is not a compliment. The moral hysteria of whites is the thing that underpins every atrocity we have committed. The joke is that Asians are conformists, whites are moral freaks, and blacks are mindless barbarians. On average it's basically true. Sorry. It just is.

Men are more moral than women. That is why they are more violent.

People get punished. They take on the personality traits of the one who abused them. They grow up and seek power. They make "moral" arguments to justify dominating others. This is why the man who was beaten by his daddy as a boy is passionate about law and order as an adult. The thirst to abuse is real. Let's go through some examples on both sides.

This website is called Anti-Puritan for a reason. I endeavor to be the most amoral of all political theorists. Amoral, not immoral.

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  1. These moralfag puritans also want to punish you for illegal sex...have sex with a 14 year old who fully gave consent to having sex with you and you both mutually enjoyed the sex? You get thrown in jail for 10 years because the age of consent where you live is an arbitrary number of 16 years old and you happen to be over 18 years old. Nevermind the fact that the age of consent is 14 yo or lower in some parts of the world (remember it was only 14 years old in Canada until 2008 and also Japan's age of consent is still 13 yo if I recall correctly). Doesn't matter if the person you have sex with fully consents and enjoys having sex with you because if they are one day underaged (under the AoC) you are screwed big time by the law, and you'll be labeled as society's worse perceived scum...a child molestor.


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