Friday, January 7, 2011

I am practicing self-censorship

I am sitting on a massive pile of 133 unpublished articles at this point. Some of these were accidentally published and then reverted to draft form, taking them off the site. I am self-censoring for a number of reasons.

Before I became a reactionary I wrote a series of normie articles. These are back from around 2012 - 2013. They have been taken off the site to maintain consistency. My spelling and grammar were even worse back then, and all of these articles are basic bitch vanilla conservative / libertarian articles. Many are concerned with epistemology and stuff like that.

The second category are articles about making democracy vastly more powerful. Unlike the previous articles that were taken off the site, these were never put on the site to begin with. These articles would massively strengthen the hand of the Cathedral if I ever published them  — assuming the advice was acted upon. Articles like how to non-violently conquer foreign nations and convert them to democracy using financial methods of warfare. Stuff like that. Remember, I wasn't always a reactionary.

The third category is communism. Yes, I designed several types of communism. They are all practical and might work, though these societies would of course be poorer than capitalist ones. I have not published these for both obvious reasons, and because of contempt for helping leftists. I developed "real democracy" which formalizes divided power in every aspect of society. And I developed "voucher communism" which turns the government into a series of competing bureaucracies. I also developed a couple of other variants. This was probably the most acceptable set of ideas I came up with. It also entrenches politics in society. If acted upon, it might be a disaster. Nick Land would hate it.

The fourth category is the fascist articles. A few months ago, while reading a book on the history of Nazism I realized that a manual existed for destroying the Cathedral and bringing about a fascist dictatorship. Stuff got written but never published. I am not sure that I want to live under fascism.

The fifth category are articles that would put forth a plan for achieving exitocracy in our lifetime. Basically, this involved a President starting a series of city states in foreign locations and then using privatization to conquer the United States in an unholy alliance with corporate interests and lobbyists. It was a practical path to exitocracy or patchwork that would use the periphery to conquer the center. It was never published because I am not sure I want to live under corporatocracy, and am afraid someone might take the advice to heart.

The fifth category are biological articles about engineering speciation events. Various species of humans could be engineered for expressly political purposes. It would also probably create a dark age of never ending genocide. It involves messing with the genetics of human sexuality to produce different societies; "hive humans," "bonobo humans," "monogamous humans," They are all radically immoral ideas. Some would actually make it possible for feminists to win.

I have more unpublished than published articles at this point.

The problem is that I am running out of "nice" things to say. All of this stuff is basically accelerationism. Even "Why women can't be trusted with voting, free speech, national budgets, or power" was deleted after this came out. I am paralyzed by my fear of creating real world consequences, my fear of consequences to my person, and may hatred of helping the left in any way.

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