Sunday, February 12, 2017

In many ways progressives are right

Americans are racist. America is built on white supremacy. Whites in this country suffer from a bizarre kind of reverse false consciousness where they identify with groups that are less powerful than them. They have a weird lack of racial class consciousness and seem to think that blacks and other minorities should share their values. Clearly these minorities do not. This reverse false consciousness could be labeled "privilege blindness." And yes, whites are privileged — genetically, but not relative to Asians or Jews.

So what.

All nations are built on systems of oppression. Hierarchy is the basis of order. The more equal a nation becomes, the faster its political system implodes. The speed of national death is proportionate to the degree of leftism. A communist country will destroy itself in about 70 years, a republic in about 300. A geographically isolated monarchy can last thousands. A welfare state makes a democracy more equal and speeds up its decline. To become equal is to die. Power is the basis of order. Equality destroys nations, and the only morality is civilization.

Humans are incapable of equality anyway.

As a primate species they are incapable of leaving each other alone. The non-aggression principle simply does not work. Their endless virtue signaling, hooting, prancing, and predatory behavior provokes each other to violent rage. They crave conflict and will manufacture drama if there is none. They seek and enjoy war — but only when they win. They take pleasure in schadenfreude and sadism. They basically lack a conscience towards the "Other." They need to define an Other to have an Inner. In other words, they are incapable of having a sense of community without excluding someone. They actually need scapegoats for community solidarity. They are instinctively power seeking. They are bad and economics, logic, and math, and good at sniffing out outsiders, blaming others for their own mistakes, and tormenting weirdos. They are morally hysterical and quick to punish even non-offences. They are compulsively irrational, vote according to herd instinct, have dozens of cognitive biases, cannot be bothered to study the issues, and want "free" stuff from others. They use the ballot for predatory behavior. They operate according to petty jealousies.

Complete the following sentence;

If America is built on white supremacy, and you destroy white supremacy, then you destroy _________.

This is a species whose basic nature is the verbal equivalent of flinging feces. You want freedom? Are you even capable of it? Is any human? Again, humans cannot even leave each other alone. Simply ignoring the other monkey is beyond our capability.

You are not oppressed by the cis het patriarchy. You are oppressed by your compulsive need to define an Other and attack it in order to have a tribe. You are not oppressed by the stupidity of leftists. You are oppressed by your need to engage them in argument — to torment them with ridicule and criticism. You are not oppressed by capitalism. You are projecting your own brokenness onto the world and demanding, like a child, an answer from mommy.

There is nothing "out there" that is the problem. It is all "in here." The solution is always the same: make peace with it. Solve what you want to solve, and accept what you cannot solve or don't care to solve. Which is worse? A world that is unequal? Or teaching someone to hate the inequality they can never solve? Why hate what you can never solve? Why hate the left? Do you hate an earthquake? Do you hate a natural disaster? The left is a force of nature, an act of God. Why the fuck is our system designed to be so prone to this? Leftism will exist until the legacy genes that perpetuate it are gone from the species through a thousand years of capitalism. We have to undergo a genetic evolution under the market system to become compatible with the society we now live in. The only question worth asking is, how do we accelerate it? Even I was once a socialist. Socialism is in our DNA. How can we edit it out? Non-violently?

With the development of CRISPR this may happen. Capitalism will begin to infiltrate genetically. Parents will wish to have smarter, healthier, better looking children. They will inadvertently make choices that conform their children's genetics to the market system. A smarter child is easier for capitalism to train. A better looking one is easier to market. A healthier one is less costly to the system, etc. The solution to legacy code will be provided and the Nietzschean last man will be realized.

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