Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mondbug vs. Me: compare and contrast

On mass slaughter

Moldbug: the bloody wars of the WWI and WWII were caused by demotism. Only demotism causes mass slaughter.

Me: the bloody wars of the 20th century were caused by GUNS. Democratic weapons create mass slaughter. During WWI, a country could not mobilize for war and then stop halfway through. This is because mobilizations would be detected by the enemy. The enemy would mobilize millions of his own troops. This made war unstoppable once it started. Guns created BOTH demotism AND mass war. Development of the atom bomb ended this. This theory is taken directly from Carroll Quigley's book Tragedy and Hope.

Guns created both demotism and mass slaughter. Atom bombs created peace. All of this was the outcome of technology.

On divided power

Moldbug: divided power creates endless conflicts. The culture we live in and the Cathedral are caused by these conflicts.

Me: compromise under a majoritarian system causes the party that loses to suffer under the tyranny of the party that wins. Because voting creates an incentive for telling people that they are equal, the left tends to win all the time. There are three solutions; (b) dictatorship, (c) separation in physical space, or (d), (full consensus, as described by James M. Buchanan).

On the solution to divided power

Early Moldbug: the solution is patchwork of secure sovereigns
Late Moldbug: the solution is monarchy

Me: the solution is a governance marketplace. Various forms are being worked on. All power centers should be divided and (ideally) subordinated to a market mechanism. If not all power centers can be divided, then the remaining power centers should be under a king and the king should act as final arbiter. The resulting system is a governance marketplace within sovereignty. This blog is all about how to do that.

On the Friedman Rule

Friedman: "Power is diminished when it is divided. If one man owns all the food, he can make me do almost anything. If it is divided among a hundred men, no one can make me do very much for it; if one tries, I can get a better deal from another." — The Machinery of Freedom, 2nd ed., p. 18

Moldbug: there is no contest. Friedman is wrong. Sovereignty is conserved.

Me: As power is divided, the remaining concentrated power centers battle to control the divided systems. Power is both diminished in total destructive power, and the number of holders expanded.

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