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The fundamental difference between this blog and others in the NRx sphere, is my tech determinist view of the world. Moldbug believes that society is downstream from power. He focuses on memetics as the evolution of ideas. He basically says, "ideas evolve and are selected for both virulence and their effectiveness at controlling power." This is like Hans Hermann Hoppe who focuses on the economics of power systems. Where Moldbug is a cultural anthropologist of power, Hoppe is an economist of the same. Moldbug's sources are many, but primarily point to Ludwig von Mises, Bertrand de Jouvenel, Gaetano Mosca, James Burnham, and Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn.

So we have radically different priors.

I view the world as essentially the outcome of technology acting upon human nature with the most dramatic proof of this being the devastating effect of birth control on gender relations and human sexuality. My priors find their origins in Theodore Kaczynski, Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Frédéric Bastiat, Carroll Quigley, Friedrich Nietzsche, and David Friedman (who once commented on this blog). Friedman, Quigley, and Nietzsche are the most important of my influences. My genetic worldview is basically a Darwinist re-articulation of Hindu/Buddhist concept of eternal suffering. Let us just list out what I believe concisely;

Ontology: determinist, no free will, atheist, physicalist, (Materialistic Monism). Humans are meat robots. Humans are monkeys. Every moment in the universe was determined from the beginning. Destiny is real. The universe is a tape recorder that plays in only one direction.
Epistemology: empirical realism. Logical validity does not establish truth, only comparison to the physical universe can, truth = observation, the more scientific the better, truth is inductive, not deductive.

Ethics; workability. That which does not work is automatically evil, but that which works is not automatically good. Moral hysteria occludes knowledge. Moral judgement should be delayed until workability is ascertained. Morality is inseparable from other aspects of inclusive fitness like virtue signaling. Moral obligation is nested: you owe greater moral obligation towards those that are genetically and socially more close to you than those that are farther away. This is both the true morality that human primates posses, and the morality they should posses. Every other kind of morality is a lie,and itself a form of virtue signaling. Virtue signaling is derivative of inclusive fitness, like every other aspect of human nature. Workability is what works in relation to someone. That someone is related to you genetically or socially.

Eschatology: no such thing. The world is not ending, but the human race might.

Nature of Reality: algorithmic.

Human nature: neither good nor evil. Primate nature. Gene-centered theory of evolution in environments of tribal inclusive fitness. The left is a manifestation in political form of the desire of humans to return to the ancestral environment. Capitalism inhibits return and that is a good thing. Humans are xenophobic tribal communists who play deadly adult "make-believe" games where politics are religion are concerned. Humans operate at a tribal level in a non-tribal environment. The gap between genetics and the modern environment threatens to destroy the human race.

Equality: a political formula. A mass delusion, a collective fiction, a superstition.

God: a cultural holdover from the era when governments needed Gods to justify kings. Now marketed in churches across the world. Religion under market conditions degenerates to Burger King levels of showmanship. Atheism, though true, is a genetic dead end.

Religion: a method of getting sentient beings to reproduce themselves. No rational self-aware creature that can control its own reproduction will have children knowing that suffering exists in the world. So various form of irrationality dominate. These forms out-compete rationality and are therefore dominant in all self-aware species.

Economics: Patriarchy and capitalism are prisoner's dilemmas. Get used to it. There is no escape. Capitalism is a hyperstition, (thing that becomes real by believing it is real). The correct economic system is some variant of extreme hyper capitalism which subordinates as much as possible to the market.

Society: has levels, as listed below.

Incentives: downstream from technology and human nature.

Power: downstream from incentives, technology, and human nature

Culture: downstream from power, incentives, technology, and human nature.

Morality: downstream from culture, power, incentives, technology, and human nature. It makes no sense to judge a political program on moral grounds when morality is itself the outcome of power processes. The level below does not get to judge the level above.

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