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Rectification of Names II

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Actually Existing Democracy, Part Three

Communism is modern day feudalism.
Capitalism is modern day minarchistic feudalism.
Modern democracy is oligarchy.
Democracy (adversarial power in everything) would be real communism.

If you try to design a modern day feudal system you have to take over the entire economy. Ancient feudalism was based on land only. A modern feudal state would wind up owning businesses, factories, retail, housing, etc. It would be communist. However, telling people that they are slaves would not work. It would need a better justification. It would lie and tell people that they are the freest people in the world. Marxism-Leninism would provide the perfect justification. As a result modern feudalism would exactly resemble Marxist communism with a hereditary leader, (North Korea).

If you try to design a modern minarchist feudalism you will arrive at capitalism. Ancient British feudalism sold offices and had more property rights than modern capitalism. In the ancient system you could own both offices and people, (slaves). You could for example, buy the office of tax collector for a county. Your son could inherent this office.

You could also purchase land and pay for that land not in money — but in military service to the king. This was service for tenure, or barony.

Converting these systems for the modern world: we get democratic oligarchy and capitalism. All title becomes fee simple title. All offices become wage slave offices. Slavery gets in the way of consumers having property and bank accounts of their own. So it is abolished. It is also more expensive that wage slavery. So all slave jobs are converted to wage slave jobs. Minarchistic feudalism becomes democratic oligarchical capitalism.

Modern democracy is oligarchy. This is self-explanatory.

If democracy is communism like Moldbug says. (America is a communist country). And if democracy is divided power, then it follows that full democracy is full communism, and that full communism is achieved by dividing all power systems. Divided power in everything would be the real communism.

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