Monday, February 13, 2017

Revealed preference versus virtue signaling: a take of hypocrisy and annoyance

A climate scientist drives to an important summit on global warming. On the way there, he fills up his tank with gas. The only reason oil companies are in business and climate change is occurring is because of people like him who fill up their tanks with gas. Their payments make climate change possible. The payments are the reason Exxon, Shell and BP exist.

A feminist complains about the cis het patriarchy. Her boyfriend, whom she spreads her legs for, is tall, strong, confident, manly, and "dominant" in every way. Fucking dominant men is the reason they exist, the reason they will continue to exist, and the cultural incentive to become dominant. She may hate men like Donald Trump, but her fucking is the reason men aspire to be like Trump. She and billions of other women perpetuate "the patriarchy" with their sexual choices. Patriarchy exists because of them.

And it could be no other way. Men who are not dominant simply are not attractive.

A college professor complains about McDonald's. She has eaten fast food from a burger restaurant recently. She, and millions others, are the reason McDonald's exists.

A man believes what he is told. He has no original opinions. He complains that the media controls what people think. He complains that the mainstream media is misinforming people and that universities are indoctrinating them. Or maybe he complains about fake news. His willingness to believe what he is told creates the incentive to control what he thinks. He, and millions like him, are the reason for the thing that he despises.

See the pattern?

Step 1: create the incentive for a thing to occur. Step 2: complain about the thing occurring.

Revealed preference is the action that creates the incentive. Complaining is virtue signaling.

Why does anyone complain? About anything? Why complain about what you help create? Why not just shut up?

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