Monday, February 6, 2017

The Anti-Puritan Way

Destroy all concentrations of power by subordinating them to sane divided power mechanisms, like markets.

If all power systems cannot be decentralized, whatever functions cannot be decentralized, hand to a king.

Have the king licence the rest of functions within the system.

The result is "markets within sovereignty."

There a thousand ways to do this. This site is about all the different ways.

The king does not govern the people. He governs the state. The state is composed of some divided power system for governing the people; whether a balanced democracyprivate law society, exitocracy, etc.

The Anti-Puritan way is to recognize that kings rule best when they govern the state and not the people, and to layer the state as three parts; sovereign, governance marketplace, and free market.

You minimize power systems outside of the sovereign by flattening hierarchies and subordinating them to markets. You break up competing power centers. What power systems cannot be destroyed, divided, or subordinated, are concentrated into a small, lean, royal absolutist government.

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