Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Condensed Anti-Puritan Thesis: simplified crass edition

Entropy is the second law of thermodynamics. Life must battle entropy to survive. It does this by replicating itself both at the cellular and whole organism levels.

To survive, it must be equipped with impulses that direct it towards reproduction. It has a primary impulse, (reproduction) and a series of secondary impulses which indirectly serve reproduction.

If it eats it survives and has the opportunity to reproduce, so it has hunger. If it seeks out other human beings it increases the odds or reproduction and so it has loneliness. If it defends the tribe it increases the survivability of its genes through its extended family clan genetics. If it falls in love with its sexual partner it increases the survivability of its offspring so it loves its wife. If it loves its children it provides better nutrition so it has protective and providing instincts. All its impulses are derivative like this. There is no need to list them all.

As a result of these impulses the species maintains a minimum level of hysteria and a small amount of suffering is inevitable and genetic. It projects hysteria onto its perception of the largest power structure, which varies by person, but not by much. The target of hysteria is always one of three things; God, capitalism, or the state.

The craving is always the same: return to the ancestral tribal environment that its ancestors evolved under. Humans may vary in their stated complaints but this is basically what all of those complains are pointing to.

The problem is that the ancestral tribal environment did not actually fulfill human needs, suffering is eternal. Granted, it did fulfill them MORE, but it also provided a lot more violence, war, death, rape, kidnapping, etc.

The other problem is that any culture that attempts to return goes Khmer Rouge. Communism is just various versions of attempts to return. The product of communism is always the same; de facto eugenics of the communist against his own liberals. The communist purges (some) communist genetic tendencies, just like the fascist inadvertently uses war to purge (some) fascist tendencies.

Any culture that goes back can be invaded by a neighboring culture that maintains capitalism, since capitalism give a society a high level of war time productivity. All other things being equal, a capitalist society will always have the means to annihilate a communist society of equal size because the taxable surplus it generates gives it a superior military weapons development advantage, and because modern wars are won by technology.

From the communist perspective, capitalism is prisoner's dilemma. No society can escape it without being invaded by stronger capitalist societies.

Going back is both stupid and impossible.

What those with power really need to communicate to the masses — what they are not allowed to say, is that suffering is eternal and genetic in origin and to shut the fuck up. They need to tell the masses to stop complaining. But politicians are not allowed to say that because of political realities.
Basically, no one is entitled to wail in hell. Liberalism is just wailing in hell. It is stupid, annoying, immature, and changes nothing. It is based on a false expectation that hysteria can ever end. In practice a minimum level of hysteria is inevitable.

These false concerns get in the way of real problems that the state has a moral obligation to address. They corrupt the political process, and distract government from its true task.

Good governments are competent governments. Since secure property rights and rule of law generate economic growth, in reality, there is no difference between a good state and a competent one. As for civil rights, protesting, etc.; only the corrupt seek influence over the political process. People who want power over the state want power over their neighbors. They want parasitism and handouts. "Voice" is irrelevant when the government respects your rights. When the government doesn't respect your rights, voice is non-existent. When the government respects your rights and you still have a voice, the only people who will exercise voice are parasites. The problem is how to allow voice without winding up with parasitism, or how to have freedom without voice.

Real concerns of government are things like;
secure property rights
water quality
environmental safety
chronic unemployment
roads and bridges
safety, education and health
social security and retirement for the people
"a decent life for decent people"
the threat of anarcho tyranny
technological stagnation, excessive regulation
the formation and maintenance of a middle class
declining birthrates and bare branches
affordable housing
Hysterical concerns are things like;
social justice
feel feels
"identity" and other juvenile pursuits
anything that comes out of the mouth of a feminist
Buddhism is the ultimate STFU religion. Its genius is that it articulates with spiritual nonsense the basic evolutionary fact that all life is suffering. All major world religions articulate the Darwinian order of being without realizing it in one way or another. The task of philosophers in the modern age is to convert these truths into science, to decipher the algorithm of Gnon, and then preach that truth to the masses.

The state succeeds to the degree that it gets the people to refrain from projecting their petty agony onto it, and to simply shut up. Do not mistake me: it needs voice. But only where real problems are concerned. The state succeeds to the degree that it separates real from hysterical concerns and takes care of the real things. The success of the state is the success of the people, and the success of the people is the business of the state.

To do this it needs to both appoint a religion to train the people to be quiet, and to train them to identify real concerns and hold it accountable to those real concerns. It needs to train the population to recognize the difference between the hysterical and the real, between its own projection versus government incompetence. It needs to teach the people to only exercise their voice legitimately over real concerns.

Only corrupt evil politicians pander to hysterical concerns. It is a method for distracting people from rent-seeking corruption and state decay.

Whenever the state is talked about, the purpose of education, indoctrination, and religion should be to get the population to recognize the difference between real and hysterical concerns. No class of graft seeking academics may be allowed to elevate hysterical projection over real matters or good governance. The state must not allow the teaching of corrupt ideologies. It is a circle: the state should force academics to teach students only how to recognize good governance in real matters, and to separate the real from their own psychological projection. The people in turn hold the state accountable to standards of good governance. Civilizational progress is identical to suppression of the left.

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