Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Freidman Rule Meets the McKibbin Rule

Moldbug says that sovereignty is conserved.

David Friedman already refuted this by saying;
"Power is diminished when it is divided. If one man owns all the food, he can make me do almost anything. If it is divided among a hundred men, no one can make me do very much for it; if one tries, I can get a better deal from another." — The Machinery of Freedom, 2nd ed., p. 18
They cannot both be right, and yet they are. How is that possible? Let us define a third rule;
As power is divided the remaining concentrated power centers battle to control the divided systems. Power is both diminished in total destructive power, and the number of holders expanded.
George Soros may pay Black Lives Matters to burn down your neighborhood, but the f├╝hrer / God emperor / king could burn down every neighborhood. To say that Soros is as powerful as Stalin, or even as powerful as King George, is mendacious. Soros may kill hundreds. King George can wage a civil war that kills millions. The low death tolls of the ancient world were essentially due only to their low populations. Imagine the death toll from a modern English Civil War with nuclear weapons.

Moldbug says that the King won't destroy society because he regards it as his property. This is bullshit. Power is simply not going to be secure enough to avoid civil wars forever. Then mass destruction is exactly what you get.

This leads to two options. Either the battle for control over democratic systems can be solved by unifying power in fewer and fewer hands until monarchy or dictatorship is reached, or all remaining power centers can be democratized (for lack of a better term).

I have a personal prejudice against tyranny. I used to be in law enforcement. I have seen what power can do to people with my own eyes. I have arrested people and ticked them. All power, even lawful power, degrades the person who wields it. It is not just the victim who is abased. The enforcer is also dishonored. I simply will not be a party to authoritarianism anymore.

If you think power is good I advise you to go out and get power as a cop or jailer. Find out what it is really like. Then come back to your senses when you realize that all power is more or less evil.

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