Thursday, February 9, 2017

The problem with the modern world

Capitalism cannot give you sex. It can give you prostitution, fake tits, and pornography.

Capitalism cannot give you community. It can give you endless talk with strangers about video games, sports ball, and the weather.

Capitalism cannot reproduce itself. Indeed, it is actively hostile to stay at home mothers, spending time with families, and women's childcare needs.

Capitalism cannot give you tribalism. It can give you racism, liberalism, and "politics."

Capitalism cannot give you care. It can give you "healthcare" or "hospice" by indifferent or abusive strangers.

Capitalism cannot guarantee your retirement. It can sell you retirement products and then rip you off.

Capitalism cannot give you architecture. It can give you "the international style."

Capitalism cannot give you travel. It can send you to Rome and put a McDonald's next to the Pantheon, making Rome the same as everywhere else.

Capitalism does not provide affordable food. It provides calories.

Capitalism cannot give you a home. It can give you a house that you probably cannot afford.

Everything in life worth doing is something created by you and your friends, and not capitalism. You cannot purchase your way to happiness.

Capitalism is the light round which we moths circle. It's only answer is to whisper "fly faster moth."

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