Thursday, February 16, 2017

We have all missed something massive in our discussions of patchwork

A lot of the time we forget that new people who are reading NRx material for the first time have not been exposed to it as long as the rest of us. A lot of what needs to be said in neoreaction has already been said. We are a little like the Q Continuum, sitting around on our asses in a shack in the desert with nothing left to say because it has all been said before. The neoreactionary continuum suffers from boredom fatigue. Most of the valuable stuff was written in 2013. Moldbug's first post will be 10 years old in April! And he wrote for 7 years. We have been doing this for a while. Roomers of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. Turnover is remarkably low for such an old movement.

But we missed something massive.

In our discussion of patchwork we always looked at the problem of competing systems from the perspective of competing for citizens. It was all based on movement of people and exit. Then the conversation terminated in 2014 with the understanding that the Singapore model leads to IQ shredding.

What about religion?

A state can compete on attracting smart people, yes. It can also compete on religious fanaticism. And it can compete on how technologically backwards / Amish it can be.  If you can generate native birth rates you do not need immigration. Indeed, it is a superior strategy. Immigrants bring their languages, customs, bad education / indoctrination, etc. Natives can be controlled much more thoroughly. You can indoctrinate them however you want. It is far more effective to breed your capital stock than import it, and far less dangerous. This turns the patchwork game into a game of what kinds of religions / memes you can evolve. Essentially, it means that you are competing to produce the greatest memetic hyper-cult. NRx failed to explore this in sufficient detail, and religion is where all practical exit lies anyway.

Religion is the ultimate weaponized social technology for propagating genes.

So this means that materialistic patchwork would extinguish itself, but not spiritual patchwork. That would thrive and dominate everything. NRx failed to explore the theocracy option: smart patches would adopt radical state religions to make their populations reproduce in abundance and have an excessive devotion to their patch which prevents emigration. Why compete on rationality when you compete on irrationality? Do you think rationality sells luxury cars? Imagine a thousand fanatical city-states for a more accurate vision of patchwork. Because after all the business-oriented states died off they would be bought out by the religious ones.

The Preisthold of Salt Lake
The Mighty Islamic Republic of Hamtramck
The San Francisco Eschaton of Enlightened Tolerance
The Feminocracy of Berkeley
The Gynocracy of Cambridge

The question here is, which religion would prevail? What is the algorithm that determines religious success? Obviously you would want to do that prior to designing any actual religion.


  1. If you believe Taleb (that which has existed for a long time will continue existing a long time into the future) then your answer is Christianity. Create a new Protestant sect, it's been done over and over in the USA. Check the Strauss & Howe Generations to see if another Great Awakening is coming soon (or underway).

  2. The majority of American whites at the end of the century will be Mormon for this reason. I presume Europeans will be muslim.


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