Sunday, March 26, 2017

Meta-rational, sort of, a little. Well maybe.

Every argument I have with people is the same. I state some fact. Then they attack me, slander me, or misrepresent what I am saying.

For example, today I said;
"There have been so many false accusations of rape against White men that men are avoiding all victims."
This is true. To be more precise: there have men so many false accusations of rape against White men that many men, especially White men, are avoiding most, but not all, victims of rape, even the innocent ones, since a man has no way of knowing for sure who is telling the truth. This is because human beings obey incentives, actions have consequences, and men, being human beings, obey incentives. Here are the responses I received on twitter.

What I said;
"Feminists falsely accuse so men avoid all victims"
"any woman who does that, is committing a crime. this woman you mocked did not falsely accuse"
I never said that she did falsely accuse.

My response;
"After all: falsely accusing White men of rape is a fad these days"
"Oh, so you think I'm a false accuser? The fucking lesions in my damn vagina would say otherwise."
No one said that.

What I said in response;
"So many white men have been falsely accused that we now avoid ALL victims"
Her response;
"Lol, you men are fucking weak."
The point is not to drag the reader into drama but to point something out: every statement that I make is the same. I just keep repeating myself over and over again to a shrieking harpy. The process is like beating someone to death with a single fact repeated over and over again — if facts could kill, that is. It's brutal. There is no emotion. No fucks are given. I am simply describing an incentive: if feminists falsely accuse men of rape, men will begin avoiding ALL victims because they can't be sure of who is telling the truth. Reality. Just reality. Relentlessly delivered.

Every fucking political argument I have with people follows this pattern. It's always the same. Here is a fact, I say, followed by hours of autistic screeching from them in response. It is so boring. Humans are so boring. Are you another boring human? Can you control your emotions long enough to understand the world in which you live? In my experience 98% of women and about 70% of men can't. And even the 30% of men who are able to need hand holding to get there.

Imagine being able to have not just one of these coldly rational thoughts but dozens every minute. Now you have just put yourself in my head.

Action ---> Reaction ---> Action---> Reaction

Imagine also being able to switch back to thinking like a normie, but not completely. This is also me.

On the other side of hysteria is reality, and most people can never understand it because they can never silence their emotions long enough to. Can you? Are you one of the chosen people who can think rationally? Are you, ahem, meta-fucking-rational? Can you separate yourself from your arguments? I'm not meta-rational, but I can get close to being when I want to.

Oh and don't bother telling me how horrible I am. I don't care. The world is horrible because people refuse to understand incentives, not because I offend people. It is the relentless refusal of people to simply see reality — to just observe what is in front of their noise that makes everything shit. Immigration invasion? Refusal to observe. Muslim bombing? Refusal to observe. Feminist persecution? Refusal to observe. Hating White men? Refusal to observe. Can't see Black crime? Refusal to observe. Diversity is our strength? Refusal to observe. Blah blah blah, refusal to observe.


Of course there is a time and place for courtesy, kindness, and even polite lies. But could people at least try to think rationally first? A person should be able to think in a parallel fashion, understanding multiple perspectives. Even if they don't say the truth out loud, they should at least know it in the back of their mind. I can understand why someone would be motivated to tell a polite lie. But this isn't that. This is hysterical and juvenile denial of reality. The generation that fought in World War 2 could tell the difference between saying something nice and the truth. Why can't these idiots? Why can't these people be more like their grandparents? Knowing the truth and yet being "nice" about it? Why do they have to believe everything they say? And why can't they discover the truth on their own without someone having to rub their faces in it? In short, why can't they grow the fuck up?

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