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Neocameral Future: Chapter 1b, Proving Genetic Rift

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Chapter 1b:
Proving Genetic Rift

Some have asserted that the assertions of legacy and rift require evidence, and that I have built my theory on a "house of cards" by making these assertions. They point to relatively recent changes in the human genome, and to epigenetics as possible evidence contrary to my assertion. All I can say is that the first assertion I have made is proven deductively by Darwinian theory itself, and the second assertion is proven through a combination of inductive observation regarding the sudden rise in the background extinction level, and the deductive knowledge that humans themselves are part of the biosphere they are destroying. Allow me to explain these two points, because they do not appear self-evident to everyone as they do to myself.

First, Darwinian theory simply makes no sense without the concept of legacy. There must be maladaptive alleles in the genome of an organism for selective pressures to even work on changing it. The term "legacy" is simply a synonymy for these alleles. Legacy code literally translates as "maladaptive alleles." If an organism is perfectly adapted to its environment, and if no changes in the environment are occurring whatsoever, then the organism is not evolving in any meaningful way, despite the fact that mutations are still occurring. Legacy is simply the production of maladaptive mutations in the face of external changes in conditions. Evolution is not possible without it. Legacy is not a hypothesis. It has already been proven.

The concept of rift, however, is an entirely different assertion. For rift to occur (1), the rate of environmental change must accelerate, and (2), the acceleration must be above the threshold of the organism to keep up through genetic adaption. The conclusive proof of rift is inductive, and comes from the dramatic acceleration in the rate of extinction on planet Earth. On a whole-planet level, rift is simply synonymous with the word anthropocene. Since the background extinction rate has risen by one to two orders of magnitude, the existence of rift is proven conclusively with regards to the biosphere.

However, this still does not prove the case for rift. Because the concept of rift also implies that humans are undergoing a rift between their genetics and environment. There are two proofs of this: one is deductive and the other inductive. Deductively, we may say that humans are part of the biosphere. The biosphere is undergoing mass extinction. Mass extinction will destroy most species. Humans are a species. Thus, humans may undergo extinction.

Inductively, we may point to the dramatic fall in birth rates caused by the invention of birth control, and the migration of humans to the cities. On farms children are an asset. In the cities children are a financial liability. The world is becoming more urban than ever before, and the trend towards birth rates falling below replacement level is occurring worldwide. The technology of reproductive control is spreading like a wave from the European descended cultures to all others. Birth control may be the answer to the question; "why don't we here the radio waves of other intelligent species in the universe?" It could be our Great Filter. We will talk much more about this in other chapters, especially in Chapter 3.

In humans, rift is an assumption. It is the educated guess that humans are not immune to the destructive effects they are having on the biosphere. It is the assumption that if everything else eventually goes extinct, so might us. The concept of rift is not the extinction of humanity itself, but the widening of genetic legacy that leads to eventual extinction. It is conclusively happening to other species on the planet, and there is no reason to believe we will be forever exempt.

Rift is capitalism — at least until capitalism infiltrates us genetically. All that is being asserted is that humans are not immune to the genetic rift they are creating in the biosphere through capitalism.

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