Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Poetry Reading

Jordon Peterson is in agony. Agony sells. Agony keeps the customer coming back. Not that Peterson has an agenda to make the customer come back, it's just that that is what people are going to do with his message — come back.

It's the "great triggering" that leads to enlightenment. You have to go through the rage to get to serenity. If you're in hell keep going. Look into the abyss until the abyss looks into you. Stop struggling. Embrace the comical meaninglessness of it all. Just smile and laugh. Do the "royal wave" as you ride past. When death smiles at you? Smile back. Smile with your teeth exposed. It looks meaner that way. Crinkle your lips when you do it. It's not a real smile unless it looks a little threatening.

Meaning versus meaninglessness is a false dichotomy. It is all both profoundly meaningful and meaningless. It is both hilarious and deadly serious. There is both an objective (ultimately unknowable) reality and an internal lived experience. There is noting "objectively true," and yet everyone knows it's true and those who deny it are just lying. People go out of their ways to avoid knowing what they know. As if the will to denial could bend the laws of physics.

Adults make-believe.

Agony is the planned obsolesce of the spiritual world. If you don't get permanent relief then you need to keep showing up and paying money. Money finances growth. Growth gets new recruits. New recruits bring in other new recruits. Ad infinitum. Bad religion sells.

But good religion lasts forever.

Everyone needs a daily medication meditation. Or worship. Or prayer in the direction of Mecca. Or chant. Or walk through the forest. Whatever. So do it. It centers us. It's how you restore your clarity of purpose. Your "meaning." Your serenity. Your tranquility. Whatever.

The great triggering is fun as hell. Watch them writhe in agony and gnash their teeth. In hell there is a shitlord that recites from the Book of Gnon all the evil truths of the universe while chained up liberals with lid locks on their eyes rock back and forth compulsively, and scream "racist!, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic!" They literally shake uncontrollable to death over and over and over. . .

Kek sits in heaven jerking his mighty cock to the endless screams of Shaun King and DeRay in hell being bull whipped to death over and over again by Abraham Lincoln. (Lincoln saw the light after being tortured by Satan and realized he was wrong about the whole slavery thing.)

Gnon sits on his enormous toilet throne secure in the knowledge that the universe is operating exactly according to his fascist law. With every flush of entropy he wipes out entire galaxies of life. Flush. Flush. Flush. . . You may be next. Ha ha ha!

Everything is exactly as it should be. The universe is operating perfectly with clockwork precision. The weak and stupid are dying. The crafty, intelligent, wise, and strong are dominating everything and everyone. Unworthy races are being destroyed. Cucks are watching their wives fuck. The mighty justice of nature marches on forever. Oh victory! Oh justice! Stomp the weak. Burn the cities! Dropkick the baby! Rape the enemy! Conquer them and take their shit! Lizard brain law! Free stuff! Trump, Trump, Trump! Fuck them all to death! Deport them all to Africa! Oh joy! Oh sweet tasty liberal tears! Wipe your ass with the Constitution. Piss on the feminist. Put the niggers back in chains. Farm women like animals. Head scarves for everyone. We will murder Allah as we have murdered God. My will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven. I will give you your daily bread. I will forgive you your sins, or NOT. Bow to me. Worship your king! STICK OUT YOUR TOUNGE! I HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU!

Kiss thy jackboot. You never know where these boots have been. What shit they have stepped in. Might really does make right. We will deadlift our way to eternity and immortal fame. Trump! Trump! Trump!

Trump gets more pussy than them. Deal with it. That's why they hate him. Oh, sweet justice! The joy of schadenfreude permeates the air, filling my nostrils, making me high. I shiver from the thought of vanquishing my enemies. In time. In time. Patience my young apprentice. All in time. It will all come soon enough. The sweet drug of victory will be yours. Just be patient. Smile and wave. I slap my cock on every liberals face to wipe away their tears. Wear a roman helmet for me. Here you go. Defenestrate the Overton Window. Grab em' by the pussy. Trump! Trump! Trump!

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