Saturday, March 11, 2017

Recommended Movies

Baraka is a film that shows human beings in a more natural environment. The title of the film has nothing to do with our recent former President, though the title does share a similar derivation. Taken together, Baraka and The Human Scale form a study in contrasts. The Human Scale is all about alienation while Baraka is all about the natural world and tribal lifestyles. These two films are an indisputable influence on my thinking, and form visually the concept of rift. Baraka is also the best of Ron Fricke’s three films, with the other two being Samsara and Chronos, which I have also seen. Chronos is more about humans and their empires. All of these films are epic in their own unique ways. The Ron Fricke films were inspired by Francis Ford Coppola's Koyaanisqatsi, for which Fricke also did camera work. They all have a ham-fisted environmental message. But if you can overlook that they are magnificent works of art.

Stills from the movies.

Hindu Tmples in Nepal from Baraka (1992)

The Balinese Monkey Chant, or Kekack from Baraka (1992)

Monkey from Baraka (1992)

Thousand Hands, from Samsara (2011)

This is a type of harajuku style fashion if I'm not mistaken. From Samsara (2011)

Burma from Samsara (2011)

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