Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The crucial role of the principled conservative in societal decline

Think of it as a 5 step process.

First he defines what the principled position is for society: anti-abortion, pro family, pro nuclear power, pro free speech, against transgender castration of little boys, etc.

Second, he fights a battle to defend those principles, but because of his principles, he refuses to do everything that is necessary to win.

Third. The left only cares about power. So expanding power means defeating whatever the principled conservative would support, and supporting whatever he would oppose, and rubbing his face in it for fun. Furthermore, since all they want is power they are willing to do anything to get it, and thus, have superior tactics. Power is always power over someone: for power to exist there must be a victim. The psychology of the principled conservative means that he is addicted to losing. Losing is the "noble" thing to do.

Fourth. He loses because of his principles.

Fifth. Society gets worse.

Notice that all of these steps are necessary for society to degenerate. Without the first step, "defining what is principled," the left might actually trip and fall on the responsible action. After all, the Chinese Communist Party appears to behave perfectly responsibly. Or at least they aren't trying to normalize pedophilia and castrate little boys by turning them into girls.

So having a moral compass to oppose is crucial, otherwise the left might do the right thing. The right provides the moral compass for the left to oppose. This is crucial since they have no working compass of their own.

Next, they need a battle. With a right-wing to oppose, every leftward move is a "victory." Without opposition (divided power) every new social change is experienced by society as a tyrannical imposition. Nobody cheers for trans bathrooms when it is an order from a one-party authoritarian state. Only a battle can make people cheer for a disgusting agenda that violates their rights.

On the third point, by subverting the left's power the principled conservative gives the left a victim to enjoy tormenting. Every battle is the same and the conservative always loses. This brings great joy to the reptilian brain of the left. A controlled opposition is basically a pleasure machine that allows half the country to enjoy tormenting the other half. Even worse, the conservative acknowledges the moral superiority of the leftist eventually like a kind of political masochist. The left not only "wins;" it gets to convert the opposition and say "I told you so." This is profoundly validating to them.

Fourth. Obviously losing is crucial. If the principled conservative won the left would no longer be rewarded with the pleasure of stomping on him. "Shoving it in people's faces" is a lot of fun — as every Trump supporter knows. Trump represents the first time that something was shoved in the left's face in decades. The left has been subjecting the right to humiliation for generations now. You know how elated you felt when Trump won? They have been feeling like that every election for 50 years or more. Power is an amazing narcotic. By losing, the principled conservative feeds a drug addict that can only "get off" by tormenting him. He is addicted to cuckoldry. His sense of morality is that of a "heroic" cuck who demonstrates his moral superiority by being unwilling to win. Deep down the right-wing wants the world to end and society to degenerate, and all their so-called "morals" serve that purpose. They all crave a literal zombie apocalypse, that is why The Walking Dead is their favorite show. Remember that a conservative is just a liberal who is 30 years out of fashion. He accepts equality as a moral imperative. He accepts his enemies frame of reference. He is actually more degenerate than the left because not only is he assisting in his cultures destruction, he thinks that death — his death, is the ultimate heroic act. He craves annihilation. He has a slave morality and likes (secretly) losing. And it is only this exact combination of five elements, that he participates in, that can destroy his civilization. He is an enabler of evil who thinks of himself as a martyr.

He literally thinks that dying in a war in the Middle East for some corrupt empire is heroic because "muh constitution." At least the left wants to destroy the empire. Get this: leftism is an anti-value system. The conservative believes in these same anti-values but is too cowardly to see them through. His mindset is "I believe that the destruction of my culture in the name of equality is acceptable but I am too cowardly to self-immolate just yet." His own survival, the survival of his woman, family and his race, is immoral to him. He's a racially suicidal bitch who is unwilling to pull the trigger. It's perverse. It's even more perverse than the left. It's one thing to want to destroy another like the left does — there is gratification in power. It's another to bend over and beg to be fucked, "but not too hard please!" The left is pure in it's evil. It seeks your annihilation. The right is impure. It seeks it's own annihilation on "moral grounds." Every time you here a conservative talk about principles you are hearing a bitch talk about his love of losing. Because somehow, coincidentally, magically, their morals will always cause them to lose. Amazing how that always happens. Every. Single. Time. Their morals always cause them to lose. They never win. Not. Even. Once. It is just too habitual to be an accident. Either they want to lose, or their entire moral code is formed from losing, or both. Without the principled conservative society could not degenerate.

The left needs him to define what is right, otherwise they might accidentally do the right thing.
The left needs him to fight so they have a justification for tyranny, otherwise the people will hate the left.
The left needs him to lose.

Without this exact combination there could be no social degeneracy. Either win or get out of the way so the left can rule responsibly.


  1. This is brilliant. well said. I bet Vox Day would get a big kick out of this piece.

  2. You're not wrong on the five steps, but you're waaay to optimistic in the concluding 'graphs. You assume a self-awareness and grip on reality that is likely not there.

    The phrase "useful simpleton" comes to mind.


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