Saturday, March 11, 2017

The relentless march of anarchy

On March 6th, 2017, Moldbug published Patchwork: A Political System for the 21st Century. Reactionary Future once claimed that he was the one true interpreter of Moldbug. He spent months lecturing us on exactly what the one true Moldbug was. Then he published this;
"I have become extremely convinced that the project of rejecting imperium in imperio is one which can be successfully fused with the work of Alaisdair MacIntyre, and such a move would require rejecting a great deal of Moldbug’s theorizing. Moldbug worked heavily with the tradition of Mises, and therefore Hume and Smith, to whom Mises is a derivative. This theory contains a very specific conception of man which rejects the functional status of men, hence the fallacious “is-Ought” distinction and Mises (derivative) relativism. There really isn’t much in Mises which wasn’t already elaborated by Smith and Hume’s moral theories, and Mises transformation of this conceptual scheme into an assertion of objective contextless axiomatic certainty is unconscionable. It is really a tradition, with clear roots going back from Mises to Smith and Hume, who themselves were just justifying a set of contingent Calvinist/ English Protestant ethical positions. Their project failed, and Mise’s project failed."
Bullshit! The project of anarchy has not yet succeeded. Just wait for cheep nukes and genetic engineering. Patchwork is the inevitable outcome of your nuke costing "36 EASY payments of $599,999." It's the future fam. It has not just not failed, it is inevitable. A world of genetically engineered Wrath of Khan Übermensch and suitcase nukes is a world without absolute sovereigns, to say nothing of even the possibility of governments. The task is not to engineer back to the past, al la communism or absolutism, but to go way the fuck forward to totalitarian capitalism. Capitalism will eventually infiltrate the human species genetically. It's inevitable goy. "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." The task now is to grapple with it to prevent total destruction of all that is good, true, and green. We must join with the dark lord or be destroyed! Ba ha ha ha!

Everything in the modern world is reacting against capitalism. The Anti-Puritan stares into the maw of the Behemecoatyl Basilisk that is capitalism and says "yes! take me lord!" Capital will consume the human race. Get over it.

But putting aside jokes, RF said about exitocracy;
"The patchwork of differing political states (one communist, one white nationalist etc.) is an absurd concept"
For now. For now. (Rubs hands. Evil smile.) In the future it may be the only type of national government possible. I look around me and I see that not only has leftism not failed, it has succeeded wildly. The Cathedral is an abomination that every reactionary admits is basically unstoppable. It is only failing now because of the internet. In other words, this thing, created by the anarchy of guns giving birth to democracy, is only failing because a new technology is displacing it. This thing, whatever it is, was the product of technology and is now being destroyed by new technology. With capitalism's latest upgrade, the old software is obsolete. This doesn't mean that anarchy has failed. It means it has deepened. The internet is the information warfare version of an anarchy-enabling technology. Corporations like Facebook are forced to use algorithms to out-compete other companies. These algorithms trap humans in filter bubbles and tribalize them. The old media is disrupted. The new method of manipulating public opinion is now accomplished through using people's existing biases to drive them to the polls. With no competing information getting in, narratives are constructed in a customized and automated process for each and every voter. Voters are micotargeted in swing districts. Data is mined to determine which voters are to be targeted. Some are red pilled, others are white pilled. Enemies are black pilled. And this is done right down to the individual level. Individuals are targeted instead of the public as a whole. The Cathedral is just being reborn as a micromanager of everyone's opinions.

A part of pulling your head out of your ass is realizing that political systems must be designed for future conditions, or face being disrupted by them. There is this absurd attitude that says we must never try anything new because we have no guarantee that it will work. Only old political systems will work, they say. But these systems don't work. The proof is that they are dead. They failed to compete and we are here now. We got to where we currently are through their deaths. Advocating a return to the past should be even more absurd from that perspective. "This system failed, now let's go back to it," is the logic at work. A form of absolutism might work, but it will need an answer to the internet (now), cheep nukes (in the future), and genetic engineering, (in the near future). Once it is done solving all of those problems it will resemble communist China, and not absolutism. It will have massive propaganda outlets, censorship, reeducation camps, political prisoners, etc. It will pretend to be progressive while really being corporatist. It will have it's own version of political correctness. It that what you want?

How do you know that no one has tried absolutism? The world we live in is the result of people trying to maximize their power. Mao had a fuck load of power. Kim Jong-un can put your whole family in a concentration camp.

No, the way to maximize power is to give people the illusion of choice. Democracy does this — badly. A governance marketplace would be more convincing. How can you reasonably claim to be oppressed when you choose your legal code? If I give you the power to decide what Rights Protection Agency will defend your rights: if I let you choose the laws you live under, how can you complain? How am I oppressing you? There is a certain point where a political formula becomes truthful, when it ceases to be a lie. I want to get to that point. I want to make the illusion no longer be an illusion. I want to turn perceptual freedom into concrete freedom.

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